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  1. I do have quite a few hours around a PA's however it's been a few months since I last got to really talk to the PA I usually shadow and have since taken an interest in the hospitalist specialty of the PA career. The PA I shadowed worked in family practice and generally did things like meet with patients, give shots, and gave consults to patients about diagnoses/treatments. I'm still pretty young so I haven't accumulated many hours of HCE as defined by PA schools but I have ideas for getting HCE and experience in the medical field during and after college. I'd be a bit young if I tried to apply
  2. I appreciate your recommendation and I've actually done quite a bit of shadowing of PA's as well as a bit of general volunteer work in hospitals so I've kind of been around the environment. But like I said in my OP, I had a hard time finding any substantial info on the hospitalist area of PA work. If you read my post in response to "Just Steve" you'll see why I was under the impression PA's worked with relatively simpler cases most of the time. I realize someone with a common cold probably won't be taken to the ICU. But that's why I say relative. There must cases that are simpler than others o
  3. That sounds like quite a job! First off, I noticed you said "hospitalist coverage PA in northwest washington community hospital" I'm from western washington haha weird. Anyways, as I stated earlier, I really wasn't sure what a Hospitalist does I was only able to find a small amount of info about it but from what I found it sounded like what I was kind of looking for at this point. I understand you're reasoning behind wanting to clear up what exactly a hospitalist PA does at the beginning of your response. But I wanna thank you for not trying to crush my dreams completely haha. I've been on oth
  4. Thank you for the info! It actually sounds similar to what I want to do. I've heard that hospitalist/inpatient care PA's diagnose patients who are admitted to the hospital and are in a relatively stable state. I would like to be working with patients like that and even treat patients who have relatively simple illnesses and don't require complex medications. Do you know if the hospitalists where you work do any diagnoses?
  5. Hi, I'm a pre-PA student and I'm trying to get an idea of the different specialties PA's operate in and find one that may peak my interest. Though PA school is still a ways away and choosing a specialty to begin with is even further, I want to begin at least learning the most popular specialties and what they do. One specialty I've seen a little bit of info about is hospitalist medicine. Technically speaking, I've seen it referred to as inpatient care. Now don't jump all over me saying I don't know what I'm talking about and that I should reconsider my career choice, because I don't know what
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