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  1. I interviewed on a Tuesday and heard nothing until the following Thursday...best of luck to you!
  2. My husband is an MD and I have a few MD friends who have said they wish they had done PA. Although my husband is happy with his decision it was a very long and expensive road. Seeing what he went through I would never ever want to go to medical school!!
  3. I just got the email too!!!! Thanks for the message...will you be attending?
  4. Just the 1-1 interview...although there was supposed to be 2 people interviewing me (at one time) the other interviewer was out sick. The 2 people are a faculty member and a community PA
  5. I interviewed last week....is it crazy for me to be freaking out already? I was praying for an email yesterday and didn't get one. At this point I just want to know yay or nay...no more waiting! Anyone else hear anything?
  6. I got that question and why I wanted to go to Campbell...it was very relaxed...more of a conversation. Best of luck!
  7. Ugh.....as a nurse who has just applied and been accepted to PA school this is not what I want to be reading :-( I decided to pursue PA over NP for several reasons, although this is making me re-think all of them.
  8. I was planning on writing an individualized letter for each faculty...if I do that should I send her a generic one? She is the nicest....made the whole process that much more painless :-)
  9. Random question...I interviewed this week and would like to send follow-up thank you emails to the faculty who interviewed me. The faculty email addresses aren't on the website (from what I can find..) has anyone been able to find this information? I even looked on the duke School of medicine site and had no luck. Thanks !
  10. I applied a week or so after the deadline and have already gotten an interview...it may be worth contacting them? I am sorry about the wait...it is no fun :-(
  11. Just got a call and was accepted...interviewed on Wednesday..woohoo!
  12. I have an interview on Wednesday but am still confused as to what building I am going to and where to park. I was sent a map via email but the Levine bldg is not on the map....help! Thanks :-)
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