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  1. Hi all! I am looking for a bit of advice. Some background: I had my first interview today (with the office manager) for an internal medicine clinic. I am a new grad and got cold feet during the interview when asked about salary. I tried to deflect but he insisted on a hard number. So I said $100,000 "negotiable". I am located in Southern California. Is it possible for me to renegotiate when I already said $100,000? I meant negotiable as in up or down.... But I realize it came off as I would take less. Or was I right to ask for this amount and I am being too greedy? I don't have any specifics yet or benefits or even a job offer. I just want to know if I can renegotiate if they offer less than $100,000 or if I've boxed myself in. And if I can, any advice on how to go about it? It feels terribly awkward now.... Thanks in advanced!
  2. Thank you for the answers! I am getting the sense it is not too common. I will send them what they want but keep searching as well. I thought it was odd but wanted to hear other opinions.
  3. I am a new grad and just interviewed for a position in family medicine. They have 4 PAs on and a couple have been there for more than 2 years. The doctors who interviewed me just requested for my transcript and the results of my certification exam. This is the first time I have seen this and been told I would never be asked for these things. Is this a red flag that I should be aware of? Or is it standard and I just haven’t had the opportunity to run into yet as a new grad? They did admit they have not taken on a new grad recently and the one time they did, it did not go well. But they also said they are willing to work with me and that they learned from their experience of the previous new grad.
  4. Dear PaAdmissions, Thank you for your wonderful Q&A. It really helped me out when I first began researching PAs. Now that I have fully decided to go for this route, I had a couple questions for you. 1. My HCE seems to be all over the place. I have 800 hours as a National Suicide Prevention Line Counselor (volunteer), Hospice at 300 hours (volunteer), Personal Care Aide/Home Health Aide at 600 hours (uncertified but paid), EMT at 200 hours (certified but volunteer) and now as a Medical Assistant in an Ophthalmologist's office (I take history and dilate patients). I have been told my time at NSPL does not count. So I was wondering if I was going in the right direction for my HCE. I find my work at the ophthalmologist's office amazing but is it good hce in the eyes of PA schools? Or are they looking for applicants with a broader range of experience? This has been worrying me to the point I am loosing sleep, believe it or not. I know the goal of the PA school is to look for as much patient care as possible and I am hoping that ophthalmology will fill that requirement. 2. My gpa is currently at about a 3.29 overall and a 3.09 in science (graduated as a Physics major which I do regret because of my low gpa). Many of the schools I am interested in seem to have an average gpa of 3.5. Am I out of the running? I was hoping they would see my major and consider me that way. I did well in the prerequs (nothing lower than a B). I also did ok in my GRE (Verbal 160: 84%, Quantitative 157: 69%, Analytical 5.5: 97%). I apologize for the long explanations and questions. I do appreciate any insight I could get from you. Thank you for your time and happy holidays!
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