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  1. gb12

    PA compensation

    Just had a family member tell me I should not settle for a position making 150k because he knows of a Doc paying his PAs 800k in orthopedic surgery. This is about 5 times the highest national salary I have seen on AAPAs salary report. Is it safe to say this is ridiculous? I would be thrilled to make 150k after 5 years of practice, let alone as a new grad. What are some of the highest PA salaries you've heard of, just wondering.
  2. Hey Everyone, Congrats to those accepted. I was very excited about my interview on the 19th. Really hoping for good news!
  3. Hey Everyone, If anyone who has been offered a spot off the wait list, would you please just post here? I'm very curious. I interviewed back on January 14th, waitlisted within a week.
  4. Hey Everyone, Im interviewing here soon, any advice? I've got two interviews under my belt (one waitlist, one rejection) so I'm feeling the pressure!
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