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  1. Great Start! Here is some feedback: Your initial paragraph is excellent! It literally gave me a scene that i could imagine happening and it also made me understand why that particular incident would stand out to you. While a great start, it almost left me wanting more.. So you see this relationship of a PA and DR working side by side what next? What exactly stood out to YOU from that interaction. Why didn't that experience make you want to pursue being a doctor verses PA? Or maybe it did, and something else finalized why PA was the right choice for you. --Pretty much the reader needs to understand HOW exactly that incident moved you in one direction or another. As is now, it reads as an observation with nothing that directly build on it from there (and maybe that's what you intended, and if so then disregard lol). I would also beware with the empathy paragraph. I've seen a couple of PS that include this and sometimes it works sometimes it does not. In your statement it can be taken two ways (1. you think that most other healthcare professions don't show empathy (even though you didn't say this someone reading it, i.e. a doc can take it that way) 2. You are bringing up a "fluff" point, because quite frankly docs, pa's, and nurses can all be empathetic in their work. --> You can use it though, you just have to make a clearer link to the statement about your fathers hospital visits. So pretty much you would want to use this as a pathos paragraph (speaking about how you felt when empathy wasn't given to your father, how you were there for him to give him that support, and how that experience molded you into the kind of healthcare provider that connects to your patients on a much more personal level.--> once again take with a grain of salt : ) Finally, this might just be a personal thing so feel free to smile at this and ignore, i think you want to be weary of using too many "big" words so close together (and by big I don't necessarily mean difficult, i mean a mouthful) --> here are my thoughts on this (and like i said just my opinion, absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it this way), if i were a member of adcom reading HUNDREDS of personal statements, and i read something that started sound like a scientific journal, i would be more inclined to skim, whereas if I were reading a statement that was an easier read (one where it was still clear this individual can write and articulate his/her thoughts on a collegiate level) I would be more likely to read the statement in full and not skim. Great thoughts are included in your PS, so I am sure your final draft will be top notch!
  2. Dont give up hope yet! Looks like they are starting with the first round of interview waitlist and will move on to the second round (which you were in!). Also, if it helps, i just withdrew from my seat! Good Luck!
  3. Information on housing in the area would be greatly appreciated! I was actually planning on driving out there in November to have a look around and to get an idea of where i may want to live. Stacy, i think starting a FB group is a great idea! Go for it and I'll be sure to join : )
  4. That's awesome. I'm originally from NY, but I've been living in Baltimore for almost 2 years now! So I'll be moving from here (only about 2.5 hours away). Have you started thinking about where you will be living?
  5. Hi Stacy!! I'll be attending Desales in the Fall as well. Are you from the area ?
  6. Nope, so far we only paid the 900 dollar deposit. It is possible that when it gets closer to the start date they will ask for the 1700, but I was accepted almost 2 months ago and i have only put in the 900 dollar deposit.
  7. The deposit is 900, to hold your seat. I've called to find out about the probation but so far nothing.... a current student has told me that she was told it was something administrative.
  8. There are a lot of variables that will vary when it comes to things like this. It is much more difficult to get into schools when you don't meet their minimum requirement of 3.0. With that said, there are schools that will say specifically that their min is 3.0 but they will look at applications with a 2.75 and above. There are other schools that will say if you do not have a 3.0 they will not even look at your application further. In my opinion, when you are applying with a GPA that doesn't quite meet the minimum requirement, you have to be very intentional about the schools you apply to: there are schools that will weigh heavily on your last 90 credits, there are schools that will look more so at your graduate degree (if applicable) instead of your undergrad degree, there are schools that will accept 2.75 and then look at your entire application to see how you are as an applicant and not just a number. I am not sure what school's you applied to (and i am def not saying that this is a guaranteed method nor am i saying you wont get into school with whatever method you used for this cycle) but it helps to do some serious digging when you have something that may deter some schools from accepting you. It comes down to willingness to possibly having to move across country to attend school. It is kind of the same story when you have minimal or unique HCE hours, there are schools that only recommend and there are schools that require as little as 50....for applicants that have a small amount of HCE your best bet would to apply to those such schools. Anyway, you seem like you have a pretty good upward trend as well as a ridiculous amount of HCE, so hopefully you get in this cycle! Sending positive thoughts your way and Good Luck!
  9. Honestly, you have nothing to lose from going to the interview. I had a similar dilemma. I got into my first choice, and thought that I would decline all other interviews. I decided to go to one of the interviews just to see, and turns out, that is where i will be matriculating come August. The truth of the matter is, you still sound a little bit un-decided, so going to the interview can help reinforce that you want to go with your first choice, or that maybe you would prefer the second choice. As far as taking up an interview spot...don't think of it that way, that's why these programs have waiting lists. Ultimately, you cant attend two schools, so a seat will open up somewhere once you decide and it will go to someone else who wants to be there.
  10. My guess is probably in November, I'm not sure what date exactly though!
  11. Also, don't mind my own grammatical mistakes. Typed all that on my phone :)
  12. I think this is great! Here is some feedback that you should take with a grain if salt: The beginning is an attention grabber for sure, and I think you summed it up nicely on how you feel empathy is necessary when giving care. I would personalize that statement though, instead of, "I advocate the belief ...." Let it read as something you will without a doubt due because of its importance " as a health care provider I will....because I believe that...." ( Does that make sense?) This may be a personal thing: but I think your first sentence should be changed, I get that you want to convey the exact setting of that day (and trust me I teared up....but not at the first sentence) but I think there is a thin line between novel/and personal statement. Even just removing the "silent" makes it slight less novelish " it was the morning of April 28th 2008 as I stood ....." Also, take a second glance at the first couple if sentences for grammar and extra words that you probably just missed when typing it the first time. "I recently decided to transition" --> I think you can use this paragraph a little better. Talk about what experiences and skills you gained as a PT, and how those skills give you an edge and how it will (in a positive way) change the way YOU deliver healthcare. I think you could probably talk (a very small amount) about the unfulfillment you had as a PT and how you think that would change as a PA. I honestly think this is a great first draft, once you shadow you might find there is more you want to address between PA and PT, or just more epiphanies you want to include. My advice is have 2-4 people look over it , give you feedback , and you choose the parts you feel will add to your statement and not take a way from your initial purpose! Make sure it's edited for grammar and such! Good Luck and I hope this was helpful?
  13. Honestly, I'd take the C (as long as you're sure that's not going to turn to D, or even worse an F) assuming everything else on your transcript looks great, sometimes I feel it's over zealous to expect perfection, they will look at your transcript, see that you've taken Orgo, did well, and probably won't make too harsh of a judgement. ultimately only you know what the rest of your grades look like, so if you feel like this C will make or break you then drop it, otherwise finish the class. I have a total of 3 C's on my Transcript (all in science classes), but out of 15 science classes I had one B and 11 A's...I think you get my point. I will say that the ones I got C's most were not pre -requisite courses! Either way Good luck!, I'm sure you will figure it out, get into PA school, become a great PA, and this situation will be a long forgotten dream :)
  14. I think what GreatChecko was getting at is its not impossible to get into PA school with B's but it does make you a much more competitive applicant if you have more A's. I would also suggest aiming for at least some A's that might prevent members on the Adcom from considering you merely an average student. Another suggestion might be taking extra upper level science courses (outside of the pre reqs) Rec letters, extracurricular, HCE, and your personal statement will absolutely help if they were all considered very competitive and unique. And of course having a stellar interview. Hope this helps!
  15. The deadline is some time in January, so my guess is prob through Jan and Feb (although this isn't something I know for definite). Desales also has an expansion request going from 60-80 students (which hasn't yet been fully approved) which also makes be believe that they will have a couple more interview sessions. Hope this helps!
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