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  1. Yes, they usually have 3 interview dates and people will and can get accepted before all 3 dates have concluded.
  2. Just figured all applications should be aware that the program is currently accredited but also on probation by arc-pa.
  3. I believe that mostly all the acceptance letters have gone out. If you haven't gotten one yet sit tight, but I'm more than sure that everyone who has been accepted has received their letter.
  4. Depends, don't have an official date but at least after March.
  5. Essay, sit with students and then sit with faculty. group interviews with 3 to a group.
  6. Generally you'll end up hearing back anytime between Jan-April. Some people interview in Nov, but get a letter much later. It just happens. Keep your chin up!
  7. Hello all! To those who many have gotten your acceptance letters(Not sure if they have already started to be sent out) and are planning on attending mercy; feel free to join the Class of 2019 facebook group. All I require is for you to send me a message on here with your email, or you can join the group directly here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/166589487138395/ This group will and can be used to buy used books from the class of 2018, as well as finding room-mates as well as a form of communication during the semester. I'll also be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  8. I don't think they did one batch, because I got mine on the 16th of January before 1/22 interview group even interviewed. I had to decide by the 29th if I was going to go or not.
  9. I have and I was from the 2pm session. They gave me a week to say yes or no, so I assume they will keep sending out waves of acceptance letters until they hit their cap and then will wait list. At least that's what I assume.
  10. Does anyone know where I can take one online and complete by the end of may? I'm in a pickle right now and unable to do anything else.
  11. I'll also share my experience. I thought I did bad in the interview, but I made a personal connection when I answered questions and I showed that I knew my stuff. I had quoted research articles in regards to undeserved communities and the likes. I never got a smile or a nod, but I did say something stupid/idiotic that made my last two interviewers laugh hysterically. I think if you were genuine, intelligent, and showed you were dedicated and a hard worker you should have nothing to worry about.
  12. Figure I'd start this off because letters have been sent out.
  13. I was the first interview day, second group. I can't remember the day off the top of my head.
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