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  1. I'm in the program now. Last year I believe they got to alternate #3 or #4 but the year before, they went into the teens. It really does vary. Mrs. Murphy does an excellent job of updating the tracker in real time. He's not out of the running yet, wish you and your husband the best!
  2. You're very welcome and I wish you the best next week:)
  3. When I interviewed last cycle, the style was two group and one individual interview with a faculty member. One of the group interviews was more like a "get to know you" type with faculty members/group members, and the other one is where your group is given a topic/question to discuss amongst yourselves. I would advise to keep in mind that you are being interviewed from the minute you walk into the building so be wary of your actions/conduct towards anyone you may come into contact that day, whether that be in the bathroom, the halls, cafe, or parking lot:) Good luck!
  4. Good luck to everyone interviewing today! I am a current student in the Class of 2019 and was in your shoes last cycle (and the cycle before that). Harding is a great program and really does a good job of keeping its applicants in the loop. Feel free to ask me any questions and remember, Don't give up!
  5. I was offered a seat off the waitlist earlier today!! I don't think I've entirely processed the news yet that I am going to be a PA. Good luck to all those still on the waitlist, I hope it keeps moving from here. :))
  6. Wow, I completely forgot how this process works. It's been a few years since I finished school. Thanks so much!
  7. Congratulations!! I'm not too far behind you, I have to keep myself from checking the tracker a gazillion times a day. I read back a few posts but no mention of a FB group as of yet. Maybe directly message some of the other accepted students? Can I ask if you completed your FAFSA yet? I still have yet to do my taxes but wasn't sure if I should file a FAFSA for the schools I am waitlisted at.
  8. Wow, to the 30s! That does seem a bit odd, but it does give me increased hope. Good luck to you as well!
  9. I interviewed on 2/3 and was notified yesterday that I was placed on the alternate list. I guess that means I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed until August but does anyone know how likely it is to get in off of the alternate list?
  10. Hey all, I submitted my app early September and haven't heard anything back as of yet. Anyone else in the same boat? I called a few weeks after I submitted and was told apps submitted in late July were currently being reviewed. I don't want to harass them but I'm so eager to find out my status :/
  11. Hi all, Did anyone who apply after the 9/1 deadline hear anything back yet? I decided to apply to this program earlier this month and am planning on submitting my app tomorrow (I know cutting it real close but funds are real tight). I read last year's thread and saw that most who applied after the 9/1 early deadline were waitlisted to interview and/or rejected. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks:)
  12. Just received email from Ted..alternate list status. So the hoping continues:/
  13. Hi guys, I heard back from Colleen today about decisions. Here's a direct quote: "The committee is expected to meet and make additional decisions later this week and again next week. Candidates we met in late November through mid-December will have their status updated by the end of next week." Happy waiting everyone and good luck!
  14. Hi all!! Super excited to be interviewing on 11/18. Anyone else interviewing on that day? I fly in early on the 17th and would love to meet up for lunch or dinner and to shake off some jitters before the big day.
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