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  1. Every school kind of does supplemental apps differently. If you guys look on the previous posts on this forum you'll find that generally they send supplemental apps out in waves throughout the entire cycle and people typically get them 1-2 months before they are potentially invited for interviews. So number-wise it is unlikely to get supplemental applications this early for the majority of people.
  2. Only really able to answer half of your question but here is a fun little website you can poke at. http://studentservices.tu.edu/registrar/New.student.clist.html?
  3. Class size is generally around 48. As far as I know there are more interviews coming up and many from my class were interviewed around this time too. I think Touro generally has a later interview cycle than many other schools. Good luck!
  4. For me a car let me do things on my own time, allowed for adventures, was cheaper, and let me store things during the interview. I rented a car from Sacramento Airport and was pretty easy since its all small highway. Oakland airport isn't too bad of a drive either honestly. If you're coming from SFO you'll probably have to drive through the middle of San Fransisco which is a bit more difficult but honestly its not too bad with GPS and you can even stop by a few places for fun adventures. Driving in Vallejo itself is super easy as its not densely populated.
  5. Hi, yes there is a cadaver lab and its dissection. As far as I know there is freedom to choose clinical locations but I'm sure it depends on several factors. I have also heard that there are rotations around the country but I would assume most are local. I do remember someone mentioning that you can try to set up your own and they'll help facilitate but there aren't any guarantees. Class size is roughly 45-50. And faculty has been the most personable I've ever met.
  6. My invite was sent through email with a single date for the interview
  7. I received a call today for the 12/11 interview saying I have a packet coming! Super excited!!
  8. I normally just stalk these forums but I want to join in the group C rally haha. C2 for me! I haven't heard anything yet either, crossing fingers though
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