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  1. Yup, I went certified pre-owned. Looked up a few cars that I was interested in on KBB & Carfax. I had a general idea of what I wanted, did the whole test drive thing etc. I think I got such a good deal because I ended up getting my Mazda at a Kia dealer and they were desperate to get rid of it. Mine came with a 60 (?) day warranty, so after I bought it I took it to my parent's mechanic and had them check it out. Ended up getting my rear brakes done for free via warranty because they were borderline. So you can definitely get a raw deal, but from my experience they were pretty straightforwa
  2. I would suggest a used car. I recently purchased a great 2013 Mazda 6 with all the bells and whistles for 12k, only 30k miles on it, a much nicer car than I could have afforded new. My parents went with me and kept kicking themselves for buying a brand new car for double the price when many of the used cars were in great condition. Honestly, I can't even tell that my car has been used other than a few marks on the interior. I would suggest Honda & Mazda for reliability, as well as Volvo but those are a little more pricey.
  3. I'm taking mine through UCSD Extension, it's a 1 credit course - $195.00.
  4. Hey everyone, I've started my CASPA but due to some unforeseen circumstances I have not submitted it yet. At this point I almost feel like I'm too late in the game. I have everything all set to go but my personal statement, which is proving more difficult than I thought it would. I would like to submit by 8/1, is that too late? My general stats are: 3.71cgpa, 3.62 sgpa. GRE: 314; 154 q, 160 v, 4.0 writing HCE: 2540 split between ob/gyn medical assistant, physical therapy aide & patient care tech. Letters: 2 MD, 1 science prof & 1 professor I TA'ed for. Volunteer: teaching un
  5. I have absolutely no idea what area I'd like to practice in yet and I'm applying this cycle. I think that's completely normal, and I think many people who go in wanting one specialty end up finding out they like something totally different once they start their rotations. Plus, one of the perks of being a PA is that you don't have to stay in one specialty forever!
  6. Ok guys, I think I'm going to apply to 12-15, depending on how long it takes my letter of recommendations to come in. I have 2, waiting on 2. Fingers crossed they come in soon!
  7. Not sure if you know about this already but http://directory.paeaonline.org/ is a great place to look for programs.
  8. Just wanted to reach out and see how many schools you guys are applying to and get some input. I have about 7 on my list, but wondering if I should up it to 10-12? I have about 4 reach schools, 2 target schools and 1 "safety" school. My rough stats are: GPA: 3.71c/3.62s GRE: 160 v 154q 4.0 writing HCE: 1200 hours medical assistant 560 hours direct support staff (CNA type role) 1040 hours physical therapy assistant Volunteering: 50 hours with public library doing science programs Research: Internship at pharma company ~ 6 months 3 semesters of ecology research with prof
  9. Please go to Temple. This is coming from someone who went to the school they "liked better" and walked out with 99k in debt. Stupid, stupid mistake.
  10. Wish I could go! Will there be others? I'm super interested in applying here but just couldn't swing this weekend.
  11. I had work study at my school and worked a lot of odd jobs for a few semesters. Little things like library assistant for 2 semesters or in a biology lab for another semester. Just wondering if I should include these in my application?
  12. teenyfish


    A few of the programs I've looked at require a scholarly project, and in some cases a presentation of this project to faculty or at a symposium. Wouldn't this be looked upon as positive experience in some capacity? I don't think it would make or break my application but it's something I've done that I'm proud of and thought be at least a bit relevant.
  13. teenyfish


    Ah I see, bummer, I've done a lot of poster/oral presentations for the project as well.
  14. teenyfish


    I was looking over the CASPA FAQs to get ready for the upcoming cycle and I noticed that research experience should not appear as college credit. One of the classes I took was a directed study, where I worked 1:1 with a professor doing 100% research, no testing or other coursework was involved. I did this for 3 semesters but only 1 of them is listed as a class on my transcript. I would like to list this as research experience but I'm not sure if it would be appropriate?
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