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  1. I'm taking mine through UCSD Extension, it's a 1 credit course - $195.00.
  2. I have absolutely no idea what area I'd like to practice in yet and I'm applying this cycle. I think that's completely normal, and I think many people who go in wanting one specialty end up finding out they like something totally different once they start their rotations. Plus, one of the perks of being a PA is that you don't have to stay in one specialty forever!
  3. Wish I could go! Will there be others? I'm super interested in applying here but just couldn't swing this weekend.
  4. Hmmm, very interesting. Thanks everyone. I think I will continue on my path to becoming a PA, just wanted to check with those who are practicing here to see what the job climate is like. Charlottew you are right, I really won't know what I like until I get into rotations, and the beauty of being a PA vs NP is that I don't have to choose upfront. I would like to do a residency after school anyway, so I wouldn't be looking for a job right away. Davidccs - I would apply to direct entry MS programs for NP school. However, I didn't like that I had to choose right away which track I would be on, and the curriculum and smaller amount of clinical hours did not appeal to me as much. I would only have to take nutrition I believe to be eligible for NP programs.
  5. I'm in the Boston area, and will be applying to PA school this spring. I have a friend who is going to NP school, and when I mentioned that I was mainly interested in primary care, she said that I would be better off going NP for that in MA. A mentor of mine told me to search jobs that I would like in the area that I would like to live in in the future and see who they are looking for, PA or NP. I did a quick search for a few specialties I'm interested in (FM, Peds, Geri, Psych) and it was much more NP heavy than PA. I found a lot of PA jobs in surgical specialties, which I would not be against and I have enjoyed when I've shadowed but as of now I'm leaning towards primary care. A major reason I want to go to PA school over NP school is the curriculum and diversity of clinical rotations but I also don't want to have a difficult time finding a job in the specialities I'm interested in. What has your experience been in MA? I would eventually like to settle down in MA/RI area.
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