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  1. No problem, Sharonda! Congrats on being accepted! :)
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Dara and I'm going to be a member of the WFU Physician Assistant Class of 2017 at the Winston-Salem campus! I am part of the inaugural class of the Emerging Leaders program (see link below if interested), so I am currently at the WFU School of Business, but I am super excited to start at the PA school come June 2015! I have been living in Winston-Salem since June 2014, so I've gotten to know the area pretty well, and it really is a great place to live! I have an apartment in the Crowne Polo development in Winston-Salem, which I absolutely love and recommend! It's a 5-6 minute drive to the main campus, a 10-12 minute drive to the PA school, and a quiet community with mainly graduate students living here (i.e. law, business, medicine, pa, etc.). I just created a Facebook group (see link below), but please only join if you've been accepted! Looking forward to getting to know all of my fellow future classmates! :) Emerging Leaders Program: http://www.wakehealth.edu/School/Physician-Assistant-Program/Emerging-Leaders-Program.htm Wake Forest Physician Assistant Class of 2017: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294608860747424/
  3. I believe they mentioned the class size being 35 during my interview, but don't hold me to it. Still can't find any FB groups for the Class of 2016, and I have no idea how to create one, so if anyone knows how and doesn't mind taking the time to do so, that would be great! Just post the link in here so we can all join!
  4. @HopefulTC-- I still haven't heard anything about an interview or not either, but I know at other interviews I've had I met people who have had them already. I think their program has been exceptionally rude in not getting back to applicants with either a flat out rejection or an interview invite. I know I personally submitted my CASPA app in early May 2013, and literally have not received anything besides a follow up email shortly after that that stated they would contact us late fall if we were invited for an interview with their program. At this point, I personally do not care because I have already interviewed at every other program I applied to, and have been offered acceptances to a few, so either way don't plan on going there, even if I were to be offered an interview invite today. That said, I think it says a lot about their administration and the lack of respect that they have for their applicants. Good luck to you though.
  5. Hey there everyone! Haven't yet posted on this forum, but I interviewed at WF back in early November for their Winston-Salem campus. I haven't heard back one way or another and called the admissions department last Thursday. They told me they had just completed their last interview (last Wednesday) and the committee was going to meet to make final decisions within the next week-ish. That said, I'm guessing we should all hear back one way or another within the next week or so. She kind of implied if you get accepted they'll call you, and if you're waitlisted or rejected you'll get a letter in the mail. Best of luck to you all still waiting, and congrats to those who already have been accepted!
  6. Hey everyone! I haven't spoke on this forum yet, but I was accepted into Upstate's PA program back in the middle of January. I'm currently still waiting to hear from two other schools before I make any final decisions (trying to keep an open mind and weigh all pros and cons), but I was wondering if anyone has created a Facebook page yet for the Class of 2016. I've searched and can't seem to find any, though it may be a closed group or I'm simply not typing in the right group name! Anyway, if there isn't a FB group yet, we should definitely make one! I know personally it would be helpful in choosing a program to see who my classmates would be and in general a good way to start becoming friendly with one another before classes start in the summer! Congrats to everyone who's been accepted! :)
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