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  1. Dear PA Admissions: Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to answer my question, I really appreciate it. I was fortunate enough to get interviews from multiple schools, even though my overall GPA is on the lower end of the spectrum. The rest of my application must have been strong enough to offset my GPA and grant me an invitation to interview. I have already interviewed at one school and received a rejection. I have reflected what I may have done/or not done at the interview to improve for my next interview but my weaker GPA lingers on my mind. My question is: at this stage of the process, where you have been granted an interview, how much does your GPA come in to play? I've heard many individuals say that the interview is all about your personality and communication skills. Your application and stats get you the interview, the acceptance call is dependent primarily on how well you interview. Is this an accurate statement in your opinion, or does your GPA still heavily influence the admissions committee at this point? Thank you.
  2. Hi Ktcan10, I would like to send you a message but am unable to because your inbox is full? I have a few questions about MEDEX and would love some insight from you. :)

  3. Thanks for your 2 cents, everyone! Really appreciate it.
  4. Some schools specifically state that they prefer hospital positions vs nursing home, but I believe most schools with accept CNA positions in general. Good luck with the hospital position, getting such a position immediately after completing your CNA is a stroke of luck!
  5. Thank you everyone for your answers, it helps put away some doubts! Rev Ronin, 10 transcripts, that's a lot of transcript fees :)
  6. Hello Everyone, To fulfill the prerequisites for PA schools and to be more competitive, I've taken courses from multiple schools. Some at the community college level and others at the university level. Has anyone run into an issue or know if PA schools frown upon taking courses from multiple institutions? I know some schools dislike community college courses and online courses, but as a self Post-Bach student it is financially or timewise more feasible for me to take some courses at the cc level. It just feels ridiculous at times sending multiple transcripts, but I want to do these upper division courses and they are not available to me locally. So if you have any personal experiences or any AdCom members would like to comment, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and good luck! -Tai
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