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  1. I would go the masters route, the one year bio-medical sciences degree actually sounds decent. The point is to take as many high level sciences as you can and get A's. Must. Get. A's.
  2. No offense but your spelling and grammar are horrible. I know you're probably not a native English speaker but you can still have someone else look over your posts to help spell-check before sending things out. How do you expect to construct a personal statement if this is an example of how you write? I'm not trying to be a grammar Nazi but perceived intelligence immediately goes down the drain if people see you write like that in any respect, you will not be taken seriously.
  3. Those "experienced PAs" do that a lot on this forum, under the facade of 'just being honest'. The reality is tons of people have already chosen to enter the profession, and the constant barrage of negativity won't change anything. All it'll do is put a damper on the mindset of the people currently going through the process, and push them away from reading forums such as this. You can fight to change the profession for the better, or you can sit back and complain on forums about how 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling!' and everyone should just abandon ship. I encourage you to go on nursing forums to see them complain, complain about how they should have been PAs because they don't get the perks we do. Go on MD/DO forums and see them complain about how they lost their 20's to school, how mid-levels are taking all the work, and that their profession has gone downhill. Come here and see PAs complain about how they don't get what they deserve. With the way people talk it seems like everybody in the world is overworked and underpaid... hah. The reality is everyone has gripes with their career, you can persevere and maintain a positive outlook, or choose to drown in the negativity. Personally, I think you're doing just fine :)
  4. That's a pretty unfair comparison honestly. I loved my CC classes, my A&P II course was taught by a Stanford MD... He had high standards to say the least.
  5. This article is a laugh, simply pandering to the MD crowd. Grasping at thin straws, trying to hold on to some perception of authority from yester-year, all the while being swallowed whole by nurse practitioners.
  6. How true is this really? Isn't there still a significant shortage of practitioners overall in the states? I don't see this becoming a reality for a long time.
  7. It's ok everyone, USC_PA is just worried cause he's going to a $150,000+ three year program. I'd be worried too.
  8. It's cause they use an online portal/program to send out the emails. I just emailed the U of Iowa an hour ago about withdrawing my app and they just now sent me an email back saying my app has been withdrawn, but the time stamp is for 4 hours ago lol. It's because these emails are coming through donotreply@webadmit.org, an academic software program schools use to facilitate the application process. Just to clarify, for anyone reading.
  9. That doesn't make any sense, sorry, because if you truly bombed the interview there's no way they would admit you. Chances are they just create a template email early in the day then change the text slightly to whatever the committee's decision is after the fact. Some people wait weeks to hear back because of deliberations. Count yourself lucky they liked you!
  10. There are computer programs schools use to filter out applicants who fall below a certain GPA threshold, Some are 2.8 or 3.2, but most are 3.0. But that's just for the bare minimum, keep that in mind.
  11. Why did they change it to assistant from associate? Associate is way better!
  12. You knew what you were getting into when you joined a profession with the name 'assistant' in it. That being said, I was impressed when I was researching Yale's program and they're already calling PA's Physician Associate's: http://medicine.yale.edu/pa/. I think that would be the smartest way to go, seeing as a lot of people already know what a PA is, changing the 'A' would be smoothest. I think the change will start happening when something official is put out by PA organizations/societies at the top. Forcing that change and making people adapt is the only way to go I think.
  13. Can anyone explain to me what benefits UC Davis gives to IN-STATE applicants? They just increased their tuition 100% and it's now the same for in-state and out (110,000?!), so I'm completely confused as to how this public school is helping California applicants. This is ridiculous
  14. Your GPA is great, keep it up there. Each school has different requirements for HCE hours, you'll have to do the research into the different programs you're interested in. I would suggest finishing out your degree then taking a year or two after to build healthcare experience, working in a particular field. Then you should be set, good luck!
  15. No one forced you to go to a three year program. Three years for a masters is ludicrous.
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