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  1. Can’t attest to the per diem work, but as stated above, in the PNW new grads are starting around $120k in my neighborhood with bonus structure.
  2. I am currently still in my clinical year--I have 2 rotations still left to complete. This is the second job offer I've received. My first offer was from a local ED, which I declined because 1. It was my first offer, and from this forum I've learned that you probably shouldn't just jump on the first offer that you see 2. Before PA school, I worked as an ED tech working the 1400-0230 shift--and back then it was just my wife and I, and since then we've added 2 little girls to our family--and I just don't think I want to take on the ED hours, stress, etc 3. I ran my offer by a few different PAs that I know (PA school faculty and practicing PAs), and they were less than impressed with the offer ($115k starting, but didn't increase yearly as much as it probably should have; PTO was minimal; etc.) 4. In hindsight, I think I made the right decision. 12 hour shifts, 14 total shifts per month. This position is an urgent care where I'll be "training" with an MD or experienced APP for 60 days at a monthly pay of $6834 (would be salary of $82k--$40.67/hr). After this time, I'll move to my regular pay of $59.52/hr, $119,992/year. 3 tier PA job ladder--starting at PA1 (years 0-3), then move to PA2 (years 4-7), then senior PA (years 8+). They haven't said what the pay scales will be yet for PA2, senior PA. I told them I will not be signing until I know what that scale looks like with exact figures. They agreed that they would have that information before I sign. License reimbursement of $1170 $1500/year CME UpToDate annual subscription--approx. $500 Benefits eligible 1st of the month following 60 days of employment--Is this normal?? Non-compete clause--they haven't stated the exact details. I will get this information before I sign. 401K plan--have to wait 1 year to receive a match, but after that year I am 100% vested. After 1 year of employment they will match 100% up to 4%, then 50% of the next 3%. PTO accrual: 2 weeks in the first year, then increases incrementally yearly after that. They haven't stated exactly what it will incrementally increase to yet though. Again, will not sign until these numbers are firm and included in the offer. Thoughts?? Initially, I asked for $64/hr, which breaks down to $129, 024/year. I am thinking I want to counter with $61/hr--only a difference of $2984 over the course of a year (extra $248/month--that's a good chunk of our childcare). In any case, let me know honest thoughts. Anything that stands out as concerning? Thanks Forum! I've been reading other's post their contract offers, and have been waiting for my opportunity to post!
  3. Thank you all for your responses! I have started the process. A piece of info that I purposely didn’t divulge before was that my wife has a steady income of $120k+ per year. We are not too terribly worried about the higher interest rate. We hope to pay more per month to overcome the one major downside of this loan option. Just wanted to hear all thoughts before I have away too much information. Any other thoughts now with that new information?
  4. Does anyone have any recent experience with PA specific home loans? I know there are physician loans that offer 0% down and 0 PMI (mortgage insurance). Do we have anything like that for PAs? If anyone knows, or has experience with this, could you talk about your experience in the process? I am in the state of Oregon.
  5. I wonder if they offer that loan to other PAs in other states? I am looking to buy in Oregon. I will be in a similar situation in a year or so. Congratulations though, that's awesome! And you're right, it does feel good to be appreciated!!
  6. Thank you for both of your replies. I will definitely be doing some shopping around. I just want to be sure that I'm doing my homework! Any other thoughts out there?
  7. Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to go about health insurance for myself, my wife and two year old daughter while I attend PA school. I know that I will be offered school issued health insurance, which will more than likely be pretty spendy (and not cover my wife or child). All of us were on my health insurance when I worked at a hospital, but of course that is ending being that I'm leaving for PA school. My wife is a real estate agent, so she has to buy her own health care. My daughter can be on state health insurance (I think??). My questions to you all are: 1) has anyone been in this boat before? What did you do that you thought was a good situation that most efficiently covered your family's health care needs? 2) does anyone know health insurance like the back of their hand? What is going to be my best route?
  8. Well, I just declined my seat in the program. The cost was just something I couldn't justify. This is a great program, led by Grace Landel who is awesome. Definitely a great program, something a bit more feasible came up. Good luck to all waiting to hear!
  9. Here is my best guess: they gave those that were accepted until the end of the week to make a decision. They allowed a few extra days to get the tuition deposit in. My guess is that they're waiting for a solid count on yes/no's in that first wave of calls. Based upon this, they will know how many spots remain, thus how many more calls they can make. None of this is official, but this is my best guess as to what's going on. Good luck to everyone, keep the faith and don't lose hope!
  10. *Sorry for the duplicate post on the accepted students page* Hello all, Can anyone here tell me if the cost of the tuition is (in your view) worth it? I am lucky enough to have been accepted from multiple programs including Touro CA, and I'm trying to weigh pros and cons. So far though, I'm having a hard time justifying the high tuition cost versus other programs. I understand that a MPH is "included", but most jobs that I'm seeing only require pa-c. Any input?
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