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  1. Hi all, I am a PA-S2 set to graduate in August 2017 and I'm a little concerned about my potential job future. My SO is moving to NYC for a job opportunity and I've done a lot of reading on this forum and it appears that NYC has a reputation for not treating or paying its PA's well. I was wondering if anyone could share any experience with working there. I was also wondering if the surrounding area (within 45 minutes or so) was as bad as NYC itself. I'm also concerned with trying to find a job where I didn't rotate as a student since I will be competing with other new graduates who potential
  2. This is from something I wrote for the 1st year students after my first year in PA school. It is obviously tailored to my specific school, so keep it mind these techniques obviously wont work for all curriculums. 3 most important things for academic success in PA school: Control your anxiety, Self-discipline/Time management, Study Smart. Control your anxiety- · I have seen many students who REALLY knew their stuff tank on exams/PD skills tests because they let their anxiety get the better of them. Keep in mind that this may be something you have to actively practice over and over!
  3. My program also doesn't do White Coat until the end of the 27 months of didactic! I really like it this way because it feels like I've really earned it and its definitely something to celebrate. So important people in my life will definitely be there.
  4. My program is also 4 didactic semesters- 19 credit hours the first summer, 27 in the fall, 34 in winter, and then 17 the last summer before rotations. I'm pretty much just constantly studying.
  5. I'm currently at the end of my hardest didactic semester (34 credit hours). MOST everything in my program is testing. However, we had to write patient care "notes" for different classes, had to do a research proposal for a 10 page paper we have to write this summer as well as an article critique, and had to make a patient education pamphlet for Behavioral Medicine. So, over all, its tests, tests, tests, with some other assignments sprinkled in. This is, of course, extremely variable from program to program.
  6. 1 due to academic reason at the end of the 2nd semester.
  7. Just curious in how many credit hours each PA student is "technically" taking in each didactic semester. I know this varies from program to program and semester to semester. Just wanted to see what everyones didactic year looked like!
  8. We are just about to finish our second (and some argue hardest) semester and we haven't lost anyone yet. One of my professors said one of the main reasons people drop out is because they're newly married and on the brink of divorce because of school. My program rarely loses anyone for academic reasons but has kicked people out for professional misconduct and forging paperwork.
  9. I think healthy food should be stressed. The stress of alone of being in PA school is terrible for you! Dont make it even worse by eating crap!
  10. Interview invites come through email, but I'm not sure how long it usually takes for them to send it.
  11. If you do want to study, I agree with others that a good place to start would be Pharm/anatomy. Learning your cranial nerves is a really good place to start!
  12. Just to reassure you more, it's nothing to worry about! :) You will be able to sit for the PANCE and will be able to become a PA no matter what happens with the program. (although the program will be fine!)
  13. There have only been 2 sets of interviews! So the class is definitely not even close to being full. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! I know your start date is far off, but one of you who knows you definitely want to attend NOVA Orlando should make a Facebook group for your class :)
  14. I would not recommend trying to learn stuff you're not going to be tested on at this time. Right now you have to focus on be able to pass the crazy number of tests you're going to have to take. It doesn't ever seem like I have enough to learn the stuff that IS on the test I can't image trying to learn extra stuff on top of it. It will hurt your grade. Become a PA first and then spend all the time you want learning the extra stuff!
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