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  1. I declined my seat due to getting accepted into a program that starts in January. It doesn't make any sense to decline an acceptance into a program before knowing where they stand on accreditation. I highly doubt they will have any problems with getting accreditation, but that would be a huge risk. I absolutely loved the program/staff, it's going to be amazing. You should feel very honored to get accepted into such a great program.
  2. Does anyone want to meet up for dinner Friday evening? ?
  3. I would just email back asking if it's possible to interview on another day due to previous obligations. I received an interview invite for the 8th. ?
  4. Congratulations on getting an interview. The admissions handbook stated that each category would be notified within four weeks of the interview. In case you want to look at the whole thing, it is under Article 6.0 Candidate Selection on page 12.
  5. I have been working as a CNA in the Med/Surg floor for a year. I interact with behavioral health and LTC patients frequently and I find the mix of patients interesting. I would say I enjoy it 95% of the time, although something may be wrong with me. On that note, I can not imagine being a CNA for 10 years. My experience in a clinic as a registered MA was vastly different. You shouldn't let this one experience change your mind. Try to find someone to shadow and see what you think. By the way, there was one patient we had that was screaming for a while and I would just hum. It may not hav
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