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  1. Hello! I interviewed on March 21st and received my acceptance letter in the mail today, I look forward to meeting all of you. I am beyond thrilled to have been accepted at MCPHS, I was so impressed by the program and after my interview it definitely jumped to my first choice. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted thus far, and good luck to those with upcoming interviews..! -KD
  2. Can't say I blame you @PAtoB, congratulations to you!
  3. @PAtoB, why will you decline? Are you committed to another program already?
  4. Congrats @lagodwin!! Hopefully some of us from the other campuses will receive good news soon as well. @cjames82386 & @sjwalsh2 .. Looks like st Pete is already moving waitlistees (if that's a real word) try to stay optimistic :)
  5. I never got an interview or rejection?! Kenny was it snail mail or email?
  6. From what I've heard- they really do take a lot of applicants from the wait list so I'm trying to remain optimistic.. The 3rd year at our q&a session got in like two weeks before the program started ! I interviewed 11/8 at Miami Shores..
  7. Hey all- if you were wait listed I figured we could keep each other posted and offer support as we wait for good news from admissions :)
  8. I'm going to start a thread for the wait list so we can all keep each other posted- and cope with anxiety together lol
  9. Congratulations to those who've received invitations to interview! For interviewees from the month of October, was it a full day type set up, or just a quick q&a scenario?? In no way am I asking for questions asked- but how was the atmosphere- relaxed or stressful, or both?! Also, on Western's website, it says they look at most recent 60 credit hours for gpa- does anyone know if they also use calculated CASPA gpa as a factor as well, or is it completely negated?
  10. By chance, does anyone know how to find out if Eastern received provisional accreditation? I've seen a few posts about other developing programs receiving theirs, so hopefully if they haven't already, something will happen soon! Anyone heard anything otherwise regarding application status?
  11. @ cde5614- when you say influx are you referring to the increase in # of applications?
  12. Congratulations @ sase1012, if I may ask, when did you submit CASPA/the supplemental application? Do they confirm receipt/completion of apps?
  13. Has anyone on the interview wait list been invited to interview yet, or is this something that occurs after the deadline?
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