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  1. Hey guys, my name is Katie Silva and I'm currently working in cancer research at Columbia University. Could you add me to the facebook group too? I'm currently living in Manhattan on the UWS and I will definitely be moving to Brooklyn next summer. The graduate housing seems kinda expensive to me (~2,200 a month) and I was also looking into this building called Avalon Fort Greene. Would anyone else be interested in possibly sharing a 2 or 3 bedroom there? If so, let me know!! Here's the link: http://www.avaloncommunities.com/new-york/brooklyn-apartments/avalon-fort-greene/ Also, my facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/kathrynsilva
  2. Hi! I'm Katie! Originally from central PA, but now living in NYC. I just decided that I definitely will be attending LIU in the fall and I'm very excited! Also, at the interview I asked if they wanted any documentation of our hours and they said no. Just reporting the hours on CASPA was enough.
  3. mmoris8- Congrats!!! Has anyone else who interviewed on October 10th heard anything??
  4. Yes. I think I am going to attend! I'm waiting to hear back from one more place. Are you going to attend?
  5. The same thing happened to me! I'm still waiting on the information in the mail. Are you going to attend?
  6. Wow congrats! Do they usually accept people quickly or does it completely depend? Also, what was the interview like? I have mine next week and LIU is my first choice.
  7. LIU never confirmed that they received my application and I sent it out the second week of June. I finally heard from them on Aug 29th inviting me to interview on Sept 16th. Don't worry, they will email you!
  8. Has anyone received an interview invitation yet? I submitted the supplementary application in early July and still no word.
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