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  1. Looking forward to meeting all of you during lunch on Thursday! Sounds like there will be several 1st year students, along with some 2nd year and recent grads there to answer questions you may have about the program. If anyone has any questions before the interview, please don't hesitate to ask (I'm pretty busy with school, but will try & check back on here tomorrow and Wednesday). Good luck everyone... And don't forget to enjoy this time and have fun on interview day!
  2. It's a very mysterious process that doesn't always make sense. You have to remember they are usually whittling down thousands of applicants to interview a couple hundred and accept even fewer. I got rejections from a couple places I felt I was sure to get interview invites from... And the same happened to several people in our program. It could be as simple as there were many STs that applied and they were looking for a varied group of HCE backgrounds. I've noticed that we have a lot of backgrounds and ages in our class, so I do think they try and mix up the classes a bit. Hopefully another program will see something unique/standout in your app and invite you for an interview! Good luck!
  3. lanime

    License Infraction

    I read that question as being geared toward healthcare licensure... So, in that context, I would say no. However, I could be wrong, so hopefully some more people with greater wisdom than I can weigh in. I suspect PA schools aren't overly concerned with your drivers license, but would be very interested to know if your license to practice medicine has been revoked. Your DUI will definitely be important to include, weather or not it was a misdemeanor/felony, but I don't think this is where that would go. Just be up front and transparent throughout your application and you should be fine. Good luck!
  4. @PaigeClark3 While I really appreciate my nursing background & education, I wanted to move forward in a program that is more science based rather than continuing with the nursing model of education. I feel that it fits my personality and professional goals better and I'm hoping the two combined will also help me to be a well-rounded provider. I submitted my CASPA app in early May and the supplemental for MEDEX the day it opened (not sure when that was exactly). Good luck & interview season will be here before you know it!
  5. If you're an RN, you will list every damn credential and certificate known to man... Even if it takes up two or three lines on your email, coat, and resume.
  6. Another option is to contact the programs you are applying to. If for some reason CASPA isn't able to change anything, I would just send a quick email to the programs notifying them of the error... Everyone makes mistakes and it shouldn't be a big deal.
  7. I suggest taking a gander through the CASPA guidelines and faq... It will tell you how to calculate your GPA as it will be done when applying, as well as provide guidelines for what each course counts as. Here is the website: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/about-caspaoverview/
  8. It's not very common to get an entry level job in the OR without some sort of "connection." Anesthesia Tech, Orderly, Central Processing Tech are the ones I can think of that don't necessarily require certification, but Anesthsia Tech is the only one that is actually IN the OR (and is probably the most competitive). Having worked in an OR for the majority of my adult life, I have to say that the opportunities really arise from other experience and certifications/schooling are definitely preferred... Surgical folks can be a bit grumpy & tend to like people who know what they are doing (i.e. won't contaminate things). Maybe look at jobs in PACU or same day surgery, if possible, to get your foot in the door (not sure what sort of facilities are near you). Good luck with the job search & with PA school - it's an exciting adventure!
  9. PzawifetoPA, While I'm not affiliated with an admissions committee in anyway and I'm sure they will be able to better answer your question, I wanted to offer some insight based on my experience as an RN applying for PA school, in hopes that it will be of some help. All of the programs I applied to did not accept professional program courses (i.e. BSN, med school, etc) as credit towards prereques. They are counted as science courses in your GPA, but generally it seems that biology, stats, chem, etc need to be taken separately. And based on the schools I looked at and applied to, biology seemed to be a requirement of most, if not all. However, not all schools require a lab. I had taken all of these courses as prereques for nursing school, so perhaps you have a course that would satisfy the requirement taken before nursing school? It might also be worth while to reach out to each program you are applying to to see what you will need and when; in my experience the programs are very helpful! Hope this helps & good luck... Great to see other RNs out there bringing great experience to a wonderful profession!
  10. I didn't read you PS because the title of your post was a bit off putting. I hope you took more care in your statement to avoid potentially offensive words/language. I don't post this to be harsh or mean, just to point out that words can have significant meaning to people, even when unintended on your part.
  11. I feel that a personal statement should be just that... Personal. Not someone else's words, your own words about you. So, unless quotes are something that you use often as a way to describe life and it really speaks to who you are, I don't see the purpose. There is very limited space to covey a lot of info, so use it wisely and don't squander character count on something that someone else said in reference to their life/experiences. But I say this as a person who is not particularly into quotes or motivational phrases.
  12. I received my interview invitation by email (where it will be forever saved in a MEDEX folder) on Sept 8 last year. An invitation and packet was also sent by regular mail. After receiving the "under review" email, there wasn't much in the way of updates/communication from the program until the interview invite... So get ready to be patient! Get outside and enjoy some sun & summer activities because you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your computer when you start PA school.
  13. lanime

    conflicting profiles?

    You do have to use a different email for a CASPA account. I would also suggest calling the nice folks at CASPA just to ensure there is no conflict between the accounts/info/application process because you will have multiple account numbers. That's what I did and had zero problems.
  14. The location of the people replying thus far makes quite a statement about the PNW lifestyle! Haha!
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