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  1. Can somebody share the link for TUC's new student website? Do we still use our student ID and acceptance letter password to access it? Thanks
  2. Hi Wendy. Let me know if you want to meet up some time. Considering we lost tonight, im going to be watching game 5 for the Sharks if you want to come join Are there any guys here interested in finding a place...though im certainly open to finding a place with anyone who's comfortable with living with another guy.
  3. Yeah, they're going quick. Hopefully I'll find something this weekend. I'd prefer roommates, but it's hard to meet up and coordinate everything in such a short amount of time. Not to mention it looks like I'm the only guy on here lol
  4. FYI, I just updated the beginning of this thread. Feel free to make suggestions. Oh and we still have a few usernames without names :)
  5. Hi wckao. I saw in the other thread that you tried Tomi Buffet. I didn't know they gave free birthday meals...guess I need to try that when mine rolls around in August lol If any of you are going to be around Vallejo before school starts, and are looking for good places to eat with your families, I would suggest Espetus. They have a few locations relatively close to Vallejo: http://www.espetus.com/?no_redirect=true For those around san jose, TGI sushi on hamilton avenue is also a great place
  6. Hey everyone. Steven David just emailed me the following: "Dear Student: The purpose of this email is to let you know have not yet been able to reset your TUC account; hopefully that will occur tomorrow. For those of you facing an immediate deadline, please do not be concerned; your deadline will be extended to allow for our technical difficulties." Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. I'm exploring all the scholarship opportunities I can. I just find out that the air force offers a great scholarship which pays all tuition+ monthly stipend in exchange for 3 years of service as a PA (for those concerned, your service will not be within combat areas). I spoke to an air force recruiter, and he will get back to me with more details. I'll keep you all posted. Where are most of you planning to live? Are you planning on roommates, or singles? I'm spending the weekend with my parents around Touro this weekend. Mare Island is my first choice, so hopefully there are some reasonable offers. Im from San Jose. If any of you are in the area and want to meet up, let me know. Would be great to meet some of you before orientation.
  7. Where are you coming from Deeg. You'll love Cali. Though I'm sure we'll be pretty busy, there are many great places to visit. Plus we have six flags next to us lol
  8. Congratulations Mayra. I used to live off sombra avenue in Lawndale (next to cvs and mcdonalds). Looks like there's a few people from LA here. Well hopefully we can all meet up before class starts. I'm checking out apartments on mare island next weekend. Are you all planning to live solo or with roommates?
  9. Tomi is great...huge dessert buffet. Hope you get in soon
  10. Hi Bopha. I think we were in the same interview group on 4/1. We talked sushi in San Jose? I really hope you get in. Good luck!
  11. The website isn't working for me, but Naisha emailed me back. Here's here message: "Please email Mr Steven Davis at steven.davis@tu.edu and he will be able to correct the problem if any" I've sent him a message. I just finished reading the 48 page guide for the NHSC scholarship. Not a lot of time left till it's due (May 15), but hopefully I can get it turned in time. Also planning to browse for apartments next weekend. The listings I've checked out on Mare Island seem reasonable...at least certainly better than prices here in San Jose
  12. Congratulations Martha and WCKAO! Were you both in the 4/1 session? Which group # were you in?
  13. D221, how long did it take the site to fix the login problem? I emailed them yesterday. Also left voicemail with naisha just in case
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