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  1. Thanks for all the responses. We were all freaked because pediatrician panicked and jumped to that conclusion. Good news is we're 99% sure it's post traumatic soft tissue but were testing it just to be sure.
  2. Should I take him up on his offer? Could this potentially be a good experience for me/ something that would boost my application a bit? I'm not too interested in cardiothoracic surgery or surgery in general for that matter but it seems like it could be pretty cool.
  3. Not sure. There was no follow up appt. w/GP. She just called and said I'm referring you out to a cardiothoracic surgeon. If the radiology report said malignancy then she would probably go to an oncologist right?
  4. Great, thanks! She has absolutely no other symptoms. Must have something to do w/ Pectus then? Any other theories?
  5. No contrast. She had her Pectus(sternum deformity where it caved in severely) surgically corrected 7 yrs ago. Hardware from that is out. Stupid question but since the hardware came out do you think scar tissue could've filled in the gaps where the hardware was too much? Basically could it just be an overgrowth of scar tissue?
  6. My niece got a chest CT to check up on a bone deformity (pectus excavatum) and the GP/my sister are super worried because they found a black mass. What are the possibilities? GP won't answer questions and is referring to cardio I'm just a pre-pa so don't mock me for knowing nothing. Thanks so much in advance.
  7. Yes Medex is my #1 choice but I'm not sure I could get in. Makes me nervous just thinking about applying haha. Does anyone know of other programs that grant a bachelors instead of a masters? One less year of student loan debt sounds amazing.
  8. "The Physician Assistant Program at the University of Washington School of Medicine, offers a Master or Bachelor of Clinical Health Services degree (MCHS or BCHS). All students who complete the program successfully also earn a Certificate of Completion, which qualifies them to take the national certification examination." Am I reading this right? You can take boards and become a PA with just a bachelors? Are PA's w/o Masters looked down upon? P.S. Sorry, this has probably already been discussed but I couldn't find anything about it when I searched
  9. I just got a job as an anesthesia tech but I'm not sure that what I'm doing is very applicable to the PA profession and I'm worried its not preparing me enough. What health care job is best?
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