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  1. I am a current student at Heritage in my clinical year. The probationary status is exactly what was mentioned above- due to lack of data and not the program itself. It does not affect any of our statuses as students nor does it affect our ability to take the PANCE. Good luck to those applying!
  2. Undergrad Ed School: University of Oregon, BS Exercise and Movement Science, Minor in Biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.15 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.15 Age at application time : 37 (1st time applying) GRE: 306 (writing 4.0) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant- over 4500 hours PA Shadowing- 50 Hours (including Primary Care, Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, and Dermatology) Volunteer Experience- Very minimal Schools Applied: OHSU, MEDEX, Heritage University, Idaho State University, ATSU, Tuoro NV, Red Rocks Community College, Des Moines University, South College Application Submitted Date: End of June Interview Invites: OHSU, Idaho State University, Heritage University Denied: MEDEX, ATSU, Tuoro NV, Des Moines, South College Waitlisted for an interview: Red Rocks Community College Waitlisted after interview: OHSU Accepted: Heritage University, Idaho State University Attending: Heritage University I know there are many stories on here about getting in with a lower GPA and I am yet another one of those stories. I got in on my first try! You need to pick your target schools appropriately- look at average class GPAs, GRE scores, healthcare experience. Do your research and make sure your essay and LORs are great and it can be done! Congrats to everyone starting this year and good luck to those applying this year!
  3. Granted, I'm on the west coast so it may be different over here if you asked Univ of FL, but none of the 8 schools that I applied to out here cared if classes were online and I will be starting PA school this summer. For what it's worth, none of my transcripts indicate anything was taken online, it just lists the courses as if they were taken in person. However, I have seen some schools require in person labs. As for lectures, I was able to do some of them online and no one knew the difference or cared. Good luck to you!
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