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  1. Just the title of this forum is kind of degrading..."learning disability so going to drop med school and go to PA school" (obviously paraphrased but that's how it sounds) makes it sound like if your intelligent med school is for you but if you have some sort of disability hey PA school is for you!
  2. I just heard today for an interview on the 25th (st Pete) not sure when they started sending invites though
  3. They told me at the interview they have sites already and will work with you to pick ones that you'd like. They also mentioned setting up a site in I think Detroit for a student once but they will only let you go out of ct if you can guartnee future students from UB the ability to go there as well. hope that helps
  4. absolutely agree. There is no such thing as too much experience and everything you observe or do will only serve to benefit your future patients. Why would a pa resident expect anything less?
  5. Haha yea I had to change mine to 10/8 :( stupid me didn't check my schedule first before booking! Haha too much excitement to think straight
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