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  1. Also it can be a potential life saver for new moms juggling between school and baby.
  2. So.... better not touch pharmacology before school? Any suggestion for physiology, or even more subjects, please? Really really appreciated!
  3. We are on the same boat Jambra0. Sounds like we are gonna ace all the subjects in PA school lol Good luck to both of us
  4. Thanks! Just wondering why every school focuses on different things on anatomy? Don't they need to prepare their students for PANCE in the future?
  5. Thank you rev ronin! You just saved me from the headache of memorizing muscles of heads and feet. BTW, should I pre-study pharmacology in the same way? Have a big picture of each chapter? Please let me know. Much appreciated!
  6. Hi all, I'm using the Netter's flash cards to brush up and pre-study anatomy before the PA program starts. I remember people said ~50% of the materials will be go through in PA school (please correct me if I'm not right). Could anyone let me know which parts/aspects are relatively more important? Thanks!
  7. Sounds very interesting. I like to try different things too. Just wondering, did you need to get trained or review a lot every time when you change a specialty?
  8. I'm going to start PA program this year and pretty interested in Emergency and Pediatrician (I know, these two sounds very different......but I like both). I want to keep an open mind on choosing the specialties in the future. So I just came up with this question: when was THE MOMENT that you decided your specialty? When you before PA school, in class, during clinic rotations, or during job hunting? Thanks for sharing!
  9. Congratulations to woodsters! I'm a new PA student and interested in pediatrics. Can I know what is this exam for? What is the benefit to pass this exam and do you take this exam after you pass the PANCE as a plus? Thanks!
  10. Just curious: when did the schools inform the students there will be a med terms test? In the offer letter or later?
  11. You are not alone. I will have a 9 months crawlers when my school starts next June. Good luck to both of us. It is encouraging after reading these posts.
  12. Thanks! So, how much difference will be made if graduated from a provisional accreditation program or a fully accredited program? For both job employers and residency?
  13. Is this positive? I'm concerned about the provisional accredited programs. Can the graduates take PANCE even if the program is not accredited?
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