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  1. I am currently in college, and I am considering studying to become a Registered Dietitian. However, my NUMBER ONE goal is to become a PA. Becoming an RD wouldn't be a short path--I'd graduate with the degree, complete an 8-month internship, and THEN begin paid work. If I continue to pursue this path and then work for a year or two as an RD, will this count as health care experience or will I just be wasting my time? Thanks!
  2. I am new and do not know how this forum works (I am usually on SDN). I've heard from many people that acceptance to PA school is TOUGH. I understand that, and I am up for that challenge. However, I learned that it would be near impossible to become a PA right after undergraduate studies because of the extensive direct patient care experience PA schools look for. My question is this: if i get a job as a medical assistant/CNA/emergency department technician during my undergraduate studies, is it POSSIBLE that I could be accepted to PA school? Or would I still need more experience?
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