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  1. hi! Thank you for your advice :smile:. Actually, its not because of the cost or shorter grad school (though those are also benefits). Originally, I wrote the post with some details on why I was leaning towards PA more but I wasn't sure if that would make the post too long/people wouldn't care to read it, (I'm new!) haha. The main reason I'm having second thoughts on med school is because I just don't know if its what I really want. Having second thoughts on giving up all of my 20s for it, having second thoughts on if its my true calling and if I want to make being a doctor my entire life. To be honest, I feel like I would know by now after debating it for the past 3 years of my undergraduate career. Some basic reasons becoming a PA seems more appealing is generally because of the lifestyle later on. I've shadowed a PA in the cardio-thoracic unit for a couple months from time to time now and I like that she has a 8 or 9-5 job. I like the fact that being a PA means I can take the weekends off, and that I don't think I would be as stressed once I enter the work force. For the most part, I believe that I'll be happier as PA. Personally, I wouldn't mind having someone sign off on me, or just having someone I can also verify things with. I don't see myself as always needing the final say in every patient's case. As I'm studying for the MCAT, I know my interest in medicine is more about caring for patients rather than actual hard science. After several opportunities helping out at health fairs and shadowing providers, the aspect of just communicating/counseling a patient is what I love most about the job. I know PA school is definitely not a joke. I don't think any graduate school is a joke. I know it'll take hard work, probably as hard as I would work if I did decide on medical school. I just really torn on whether or not I should even take the MCAT now.. Any thoughts on that after reading more about me? :/ Thanks so much though, I really appreciate your time!!
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum and am desperately seeking advice. I've been debating between MD/DO or PA for practically my entire undergraduate career. (Will be an incoming 4th year next year). This summer, I decided to enroll in a prep course to take the MCAT in September, planning to go to medical school. But now, I realize that I have been questioning this "final" decision since the beginning of my MCAT studies. My question is that I don't know if I should still take my MCAT in September. I know I'm not studying as much as I can, and I feel like its partially due to being unmotivated. Maybe also due to the fact that I don't know if I want to go to med school anymore. I know PA schools don't really take the MCAT and take the GRE instead. Should I continue trying to motivate myself to study? (heavily due to the fact that I paid for the course and already registered for the test in Sept) Or.. Should I just give it all up and immediately begin studying for the GRE...? I guess personally, I'm leaning more towards PA than MD/DO. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if my post was long.
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