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  1. Not yet! I'm excited too! After reading previous threads (hahahha) I noticed other students got more program info and student accounts toward the end of january, so i'm assuming we'd hear something around then.
  2. Hi there! Yea. I was accepted from the 8/9 interviews and got my email about 2/2.5 weeks from acceptance. I totally get it. It's hard to be patient when you're so excited! Congrats btw
  3. Hi there! I was accepted with a pending med-terminology class. Should have it done by october though. I haven't received the acceptance package yet to see if they note my pending class status though. If i notice anything, I'll update ya.
  4. Oh I was interviewed 8/9 and emailed Bonnie about the packet yesterday. She said that she hoped to get to them done within the next week. Hope that helps! I know I'm anxious too! but I won't bug her anymore hahaha
  5. I would like to say that I was YOU at one point and i was recently accepted into a PA program. What I did was keep on pushing forward with the science courses and learned what learning style worked best for me to get A+'s in those classes. Then in my apps, I told them "yea that happened, but I learned my study style and KNOW that I can do this." I also kept up with the (diverse type) medical experience I had and volunteering as usual. You know there is something to be said about letting things happen in their own time too. I wanted to just get that minimum 3.0 and apply, but life happened, it took me longer than i expected, I even gave up at one point. However, I gained exceptional life experiences to add to my application and ended up in classes where my professors were asking ME if they could write me letters! So, don't let one person keep you back. If this is what you want, you make the adjustments needed, push forward, rely on your support system, and go for it! It may take a little longer, but it will happen! Best of luck!
  6. Hey all! I interviewed 8/9/17 and got the acceptance call yesterday! The cohort that i interviewed with was amazing and there was no awkward silence during our downtime. The faculty are cordial and do not attempt to come off as intimidating. Seriously, everyone told me to "just be yourself" and i was like "ok, but what's the real advice?" haahaha However, it's so true. The Dean of the Health and Sciences program told me that to get an interview means that you are already qualified to be in the program. Keep up the hard work!
  7. Hi! I actually just emailed them and they said that they do accept the online class, but do NOT accept the lab. So, if you need a pre req with a lab, you have to do it in person at a school.
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