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  1. I'm interested with the Kaplan Q bank with 9 month subscription. Please let me know if it is still available.
  2. I've done contracting before in those areas but in another field before I changed careers to healthcare. I didn't know they have contract out in the desert for PA's. Please keep me inform if you get more information. Thank you!
  3. Marine Vet Active duty 2003-2007; Civilian Contractor at the Sandboxes of Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan 2007-2010 and Guantanamo Bay Cuba 2010-2011. Used the great ole GI bill to career change from Information Technology to get my Associate and Bachelor in Nursing from 2011-2015. Currently work in the NICU full time and L&D nurse part-time. Hoping to get back to the gun club as a PA. Applying this cycle. Semper Fi
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