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  1. Yup. Born and raised here. Cringe every time I see "Cali."
  2. The problem with going for CRNA is you'd have to a do a 12 month accelerated BSN, then do 1 year ICU RN work, then apply for CRNA school. It might still be worth it, but it's not as direct as becoming an NP.
  3. My organization now requires every single person wash their hands and put on a mask prior to entering (inpatient psych hospital).
  4. You're not diagnosing your patients yourself? Do not take this position. You still have to bill for a diagnosis code. This is a big concern to me. My experience is that many masters level clinicians/counselors do not have the breadth of experience to diagnose psychiatric conditions accurately, especially more severe mental illness, personality disorders, atypical presentations, etc. My experience is they over-diagnose PTSD and "bipolar II" disorder. Also a big part of psychiatric diagnosis is ruling out medical concerns, something that these clinicians will be entirely unable to do. I don't understand how this would work and it sounds like a terrible idea. If you don't feel comfortable fully assessing and diagnosing patients yourself (with some backup from your doc at first), you probably shouldn't be practicing in that specialty. At the bare minimum I would insist that the more experienced PA is formally required to mentor you during a certain amount of protected time (no seeing patients, no clinical tasks) once or twice a week. Honestly, I flat out wouldn't take this job and this doc sounds like he just cares about making money. Consider doing a psych PA residency.
  5. I'd argue that psych is very much the opposite and to be competent and effective as a mental health specialist, intense mentoring from people who are experts is essential.
  6. This is an interesting thread. I’ve noticed the same thing - doctors are loathe to criticize each other, even when the doc in question is clearly in the wrong. Any time an NP or PA makes mistakes, doctors go for the jugular, "midlevels are all terrible, blahblahblah". But when a doctor makes mistakes (or is even borderline incompetent) … crickets. It’s the opposite of nursing, where we often gleefully tear each other to shreds for the tiniest of errors. Doctors are very protective of their “guild” to a fault, definitely, but nursing could learn a little bit from them. I do think the protection docs give each other elevates their brand in a way…
  7. I'm pretty sure that NPs in independent practice states who own their practice do just this.
  8. Fiance and I max out our IRAs and 401ks, then have an extra taxable brokerage account. We should be able to retire in ~12-15 years if we so desire, but plan on retiring in more like ~20-25 years quite wealthy. I'm a big bogleheads fan, I prefer bogleheads over Dave Ramsey (who is a bit too conservative when it comes to debt IMO).
  9. LOL. Like the PA I knew who didn't even have a psych rotation and got his 'mental health' hours through his family med rotation? Also I guess suddenly didactics are not important?
  10. It depends what you mean by "woke." The social determinants of health are a real thing and any provider should be well aware of this. Not sure who irritates me more these days, overly woke people or people who complain about overly woke people.
  11. I have a 1099 position that pays $150/hr. I only work there a few times a month though, since the setting (emergency psych) is not my favorite.
  12. 2k/year for CME. All license renewals/DEA/etc are not taken out of CME. It's not great but our PTO and 401k match are pretty great so what can you do. *shrug*
  13. NP insurance is pretty cheap because RNs/NPs get lumped in together, from what I understand. I pay $900/year for 1/5 mil coverage.
  14. For our practice billing for psychotherapy is essential. I mean all you need to do is meet with a pt for 20 min to be able to bill, so for our model it's money left on the table if we can't. Just depends. Also, I only see 2-3 pts per hour in ouptatient. I refuse to see any more than that as it becomes miserable for me. Now in the inpatient setting 4+ an hour is easy, especially with manic/psychotic patients who are highly symptomatic - that's a brief visit.
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