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  1. Can any prospective classmate tell me if it is possible to complete the ACT 33,34 , 73, and drug screening documents in any state other than Penn?
  2. Is there any face book address for the class that starts January 6 2014.
  3. very deep! all the structures written in the Gray Anatomy, just macroscopic, not microscopic
  4. I have also interview December 11, anyone on this date?
  5. Hello guys, is this penn state university as it is writteen on the CASPA under programs. I applied to Penn state university two months ago but didn't hear anything from them yet? I am a little bit confused by the name. Anyone who can help me?
  6. I will interview on December 11, Anyone who will interview on this date?
  7. Michelead, When was your interview? Mine was August 22. I didn't hear anything yet, How you hear yours within a week period of time?
  8. Helo guys, I still didn't hear about the Aug.22 interview admission committee decision. Is there anyone out there who didn't hear from Pittsburgh. It is a little bit getting over a month since the interview. I am still eagerly waiting for positive outcome form the interview.
  9. Any more acceptance, wait listed, or rejected. I didn't hear anything yet!
  10. Hi tunafish, yeah! waiting a month means a lot of stress. Probably, they will send e-mail starting next week or After 20 of September.
  11. Congadulations Sarah,donajeane, and others too. I was interviewed on August 22. I hope everything go well and hopefully will join your party! Pray for me guys
  12. Sarah, I am sure you would hear good news. Will pray for you. Keep up the positives. Have you applied to other programs?
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