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  1. Did you all get an email telling you about the alternate list?
  2. ughh I know! It's so frustrating! I know of someone that got offered a seat on Friday, so they still must have seats in the class...
  3. And yet we are in the same situation here also, FuturePAyjxoa. It must be because we are meant to get into QU :)
  4. EZIC, I just got an email at 4pm yesterday. I interviewed back in September. I emailed back and she said they have a alternate list of about 35, but they usually only take 8-9 candidates from it...good luck! I hope you receive good news!
  5. Did anyone else get put on the alternate list?
  6. Oh okay, sorry didn't see it. Yeah I got the same one as you
  7. FuturePA, did your email say that they were prepared to offer you a seat once one becomes available? Or just that your app is still being reviewed...I think that they sent out two different emails
  8. Hey guys, I agree, this is so tough not knowing anything! Did anyone who got the email saying "We wanted to assure you that your application was impressive and that we are prepared to offer you a seat in the program once one becomes available" call the program to clarify what that actually means?
  9. Sorry to hear, aliss929! When did you interview? Best of luck to you...
  10. FuturePAyjxoa, I think that you are probably not the only one who hasn't heard back yet, so keep your head up! I interviewed a few weeks ago in October, and they told us that we could be offered acceptance up until March. But I understand that it's tough to wait! Stay positive though and, good luck to you!
  11. Hello everyone! I thought that it would be helpful to start a thread for all of us who were put on the waitlist so far. If anyone gets any updates, please post here! Good luck to everyone!
  12. Does anyone know approximately how many applicants Quinnipiac interviews in total?
  13. Ajen, even when I interviewed in October, there were only two seats left at that time! They have a lot of students that come from the undergrad program. Whatever you decide, good luck to you!
  14. Did anyone that interviewed on 10/5 hear back yet?? I keep checking my email!
  15. Ceschlorff, this happened to me too! What does this even mean? How can we be put on a waitlist without having the interview component? Have you spoken to anyone from the program? I have been trying to contact them for two weeks, but no one has responded to me yet. Let me know please!
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