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  1. ~132K starting as a new grad at a university hospital
  2. Hello PA world! I am a recent new grad looking for work in LA/SF areas. I was wondering about the minimum benefits I should be accepting (approximate ranges in ie. insurance, CME, vacations) when considering a position. Any other additional advice in regards to job hunting would also be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Don't study. You'll be drowning in studies during the program before you know it. Take that trip you've been meaning to plan :)
  4. Thanks! Do you have a link where I could purchase this amazing music/light timer ?
  5. Didactic year was brutal mentally but I previously lived near campus, so I just walked! I'm just unsure how I would adjust to traffic in addition to being in clinic all day :)
  6. I need advice in a couple of different areas: 1. Tips on how to wake up and stay awake in the morning (other than my cellphone alarm) 2. Will a 25 minute driving commute (with traffic) considered too stressful for clinical year? 3. Are there resources are out there for creating a strict and balanced sleep/life schedule? Thanks!
  7. Use magoosh (its like having video tutors at the tip of your hands on your own time). Hands down the best thing we ever used! Super cheap too. (Especially for math, and essays) English is mostly vocabs - Me and all my friends
  8. I was recently accepted, I really love St. Kates program and I think thats where I'm going to end up! It would be great to start meeting others who will be in our class :)
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