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  1. I suggest reviewing the program's website and being familiar with their mission. For the interview, I know some programs follow different styles (MMI, Group, Individual), but for SFU it was individual based with the program faculty - review the basic interview questions you can find online - why you want to be a PA, why would you choose SFU etc...I felt my interviews were relaxed and were more of a conversation so they could get to know you as a person. We just finished our summer semester last week and I am definitely enjoying our break! Feel free to personal message me if you guys have any specific questions about the program or interview day - I know how stressful the whole process can be.
  2. Hey guys, My name is Ethan and I was accepted last cycle to SFU as a graduate transfer. Feel free to reach out to me if you guys have any questions! Best of luck!
  3. I too have yet to hear anything, and my file was complete and eligible for committee review on 9/11/16....however, I have been emailing Naisha every few weeks for an update...but still no change.
  4. Hey guys! I received a letter in the mail today from the SFU PA program stating that I was voted by the Committee to be placed on the program's waiting list. Incredibly thankful and excited for this! The waiting game continues, and hopefully a spot opens up! Best wishes, Ethan
  5. Hey guys, The 10/9 interview is coming up and I will be arriving this Sunday (10/8) at a hotel 15 minutes from the campus. Does anyone want to get together that day to check out the campus, and discuss any details about the interview? As this is my first interview, I know the process can be a bit stressful. Feel free to pm me! Thanks, and best of luck to all of you! --Ethan
  6. Did everyone receive an email today from Western U about the Instagram live event happening today at 6 PST? I still haven't received an interview invite and am curious.....thanks! Also, congrats to everyone that received an interview invite, and fingers crossed for those that are still waiting like myself!
  7. Finally received the supplemental invite from TUC, and my application was verified by CASPA on 6/19. Best of luck to everyone!
  8. 6/29 verified by CASPA 8/9 email received by SLU that application is complete and under review Best of luck to everyone!
  9. I also received an email today saying I was selected to interview for the waitlist on either 10/9 or 11/17. Excited for this opportunity, and best of luck to everyone!
  10. My application was verified by CASPA on 6/29, however I have not heard from SLU at all yet...is anyone else in the same boat?
  11. I was verified on 6/19, but have not heard anything yet! Anyone else in the same boat?
  12. do schools even look at non-science? I think they are more concerned with overall cumulative and science gpa...and if so, you are fine
  13. When should an undergraduate like myself, who is determined to get into PA school, start studying for the GRE, and apply to specific PA schools during my undergraduate?
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