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  1. I'm currently attending school in attending school in Indiana and have been told that I cannot do rotations in Kentucky (where I am a legal resident) because I attend school in Indiana. I have not been given the details behind this decision and I'm working on getting to the bottom of it, but like others have said here, I doubt that it is based in "law". I suspect it is rather a financial or political problem. When I left KY in May we had out of state PA students on rotation at our hospital. I have great contacts back home in Kentucky but if anyone has any updates on this topic please post. I will do likewise. Thanks!
  2. I just got email with a link to facebook page but I could just like it and was not able to "join"a group or see who else liked the page - I'm sure it will get worked out. The card says www.apartmentsfortwayne.com. I've been using Zillow to search too!
  3. Greetings classmates! I am so excited to be part of USF class of 2016! Has anyone started a facebook page yet? The next big decision is where to live while we are there! I've been looking at houses to rent but I don't know the neighborhoods. Where are you guys thinking? Annie
  4. I got a letter today in snail mail that puts me on the alternate list! I'm still very happy especially since I know there have been people moved up from the alternate list already. I think LMU-DCOM is an awesome school! Congrats to those who have been accepted and I hope to join you soon! (I was in the Dec 2 interview group)
  5. Hi everyone, I got my email invite to interview on December 2! Has anyone else received December or January interview invites?
  6. Congrats SmartCookie and Kieth! and congrats to the alternates as well. One of the students on rotation was on LMU-DCOM waitlist and got in just before classes started.
  7. Just got the phone call followed by email to invite me to interview on Sat Jan 18! Hope everybody else gets good news soon as well!
  8. I'm excited to hear which letters you guys get. I didn't get my app completed until last week so I'm just hoping for an interview :)
  9. I'm still waiting to hear something about my application as well
  10. I called Linda Allen 859-248-0473. She resent my email. I also got my paper mail copy today. I got no explanation for why first email never got to me. They had my correct email on file. Btw I didn't get in. Congrats and good luck to those that did!
  11. Last year a friend of mine got the neither accepted nor rejected a few weeks before he was accepted. Last year I got the alternate letter with a form attached to accept alternate list. This year a couple of my friends and I have not received may letter yet. Congrats to those who are in!
  12. A friend of the PA student working in my ER got her rejection letter today. She had interviewed on Monday ... hoping to hear something soon ...
  13. It's our week to shine! Hope the interviews go well for everyone!
  14. Group interview had two interviewers and everyone was at one table.
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