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  1. This is getting really bad here in NYC, I work in critical care for a major city hospital system. We’re are on the brink of running out of ventilators, the RT told me we only hav 2 left in the whole hospital, until we have to start using the ones in the ORs. We are also running very low on PPE, we are getting just one N95 to use the entire shift. The patients that progress to intubation are not doing well. Many are on high FI02 and PEEP and needing to be proned. Also many of them are going into AKI requiring HD. Our 20 bed unit is filled with all intubated covid patients. Very soon people who need ventilators and ICU beds will not be able to get them if things keep up at the pace they are going.
  2. I work In critical care also. Doing 3 12’s a week. Which works out to about 300 less hours per year, than the 7 on 7 off schedule you would be doing. I started out making about that same as you would be starting. I do have 7 weeks PTO though, plus health and malpractice insurance covered, and 401k with match up to 8%. All in all I don’t think that is a very good offer for you.
  3. I got out of the navy at 25, started undergrad at 26 and graduated PA school at 33. Been practicing for about 3 years now. Never once did I feel too old, and its been one the best decisions I have made. Go for it if it’s what you want.
  4. 75k for ICU work is a joke and really any PA job for that matter, no matter where you are located. I have 2 years experience working in critical care and make about 125k working 3 12’s working MICU and SICU. There is no way you should make 50k less. Being a veteran myself I would love to work for the VA, but never with that pay disparity.
  5. I work in critical care. I did a one year residency in critical care and now am in my first year on my own at the same hospital. my base salary this year is 110k, working 3 twelves a week. With overtime I’m on track to make around 135-140k this year. I live in NYC, so unfortunately that doesn’t go as far as most places.
  6. I work in critical care, and I am required to work twelve 12 hour shifts every 4 weeks. My shifts can be spread out on any days or nights, some weeks I may work 1 shift while other weeks I may work 5. I really like working 12 hours shifts and having more days off. I probably wouldn't get much done on the days I was working anyways, if I was to work 8 hour days, so I figure it's better to work more hours on the days I do work and get more days that I'm not working. I am required to work 2 out of every 4 weekends though, but my scheduler is good about honoring requests for certain weekends off and also writing the schedule so we do not need to use vacation days if we need a period of up to 5 days off in a row. We also have the option to work 24 hour shifts, I don't do them very often but some of my co workers work 24's exclusively. While it might be nice to work M-F 9-5 and have every weekend off, having 5-6 days off in a row and not using any vacation time is great. We even get about 7 weeks vacation a year which most of us will use to take an entire month off at a time.
  7. I'd say it's very simple. Either compensate me for call or I'm not doing call. Don't get taken advantage of especially if it's not in your contract
  8. Navy Nuke from 2003-2009. Finished PA school last year and working in critical care now.
  9. I took the PANCE little bit over a year ago. Leading up the the exam I was doing 200 random exam master questions a day and scoring high 70's to mid 80's. I passed the PANCE by a pretty high margin. I also used Kaplan qbank, which I felt was tougher than the PANCE and had about a 70% after finishing all the questions.
  10. Congrats on your acceptances. I am a graduate from the Bay Shore program. There are some differences in the two programs that I know of. The bayshore campus is Mon-Friday 9-5, with the occasional time we had to go in on sunday for a class. I don't think it was any more than 5 times the whole year. The manhattan campus is Mon-Thurs evening classes and Sundays 9-5. So whatever schedule you prefer. I commuted from about 40 minutes west and north of bayshore and traffic was never that bad. Traffic was mostly going the opposite direction I was going.The big difference is the extra semester that manhattan has. Manhattan students that i talked to during my rotations said it was used for them to work on thier masters course work only. Us Baysore students had to work on our masters course work while also going through our clinical year rotations. Personally, i find the extra semester to be a waste of time and money. The masters course work basically consists of reading books and answering questions related to the chapter you read and writing your thesis. i procrastinated on my thesis until my last month of clinical year rotations and still had plenty of time to finish it. It's probably the same at both campus's but expect 2-3 exams a week during didactic year. If you have free time before you start I would buy a PA review book and read it. I personally like Pance prep pearls. It will make the second and third semesters of didactic year way easier if you come in having a base knowledge of each organ system.
  11. Here's the link http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Lipy0g7XOzA
  12. Hey everyone. I created a Facebook page for bay shore class of 2016. Anyone who has been accepted feel to join.https://m.facebook.com/groups/289039451250986?view=group
  13. I believe I sent in my application in the beginning of august and received an interview invite the middle of january
  14. When I received the acceptance email. I received all the instructions for where to send the deposit along with it
  15. Yeah, I paid the $1500 deposit and sent the piece of paper saying I was attending with a passport sized photo to the school about a week ago.
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