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  1. Nagle's rule is incorrect should say LMP + 1year -3mos +7days
  2. In the middle of studying I just googled why does robert acland look like anthony hopkins and this thread popped up. Glad I'm no the only one. Acland is awesome though
  3. Mine doesn't offer dependent coverage either. Marketplace offered decent plans though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Officially declined my acceptance, what a hard decision to make. Somebody on the waitlist is about to get good news.
  5. This is just speculation, but the acceptance email gave us 15 calendar days to pay seat deposits. That will be up on Thursday. Maybe they make the next round of calls after they confirm who has accepted their seat.
  6. A's in prerequisites seem more important than any other classes
  7. It's funny how the idea of getting to choose between great programs seem like a great thing till you actually have to do it. ????
  8. The ox blood would look amazing with the navy. Do it!
  9. My only issue is the lack of past PANCE performance. If that should play a role on evaluation of the program. But I think that the history of the university and experience of the faculty should give a good indication as to how the program has been and is developed.
  10. Ok now that the shock has worn off and I can see all my typos. I'll clean up this post. They said that they would try and send emails by Friday to those accepted and the $500 deposit should be returned according to instructions contained therein. Congratulations everyone accepted and good luck to those waiting!!!!
  11. It's saying that the old rule said that if a school held accreditation at any point during a student's time there, the student can sit for the exam. Now the program must be accredited at the student's matriculation. The first sentence qualifies provisional accreditation as active. The rest of the paragraph isn't contradicting that. Any type of accreditation counts.
  12. Did anybody remember to ask when we should expect to hear from them? I completely forgot to.
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