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  1. I wont necessarily be working independently or anything, I will be essentially attached to the hip of my doc so I can start learning as much as possible, both in clinic and the hospital. Good point about working in the clinic even if all my hospital stuff isnt through. I will be working in Illinois, I have seen anywhere from 4-8 weeks for licensing, which could lead to a pretty significant change in how much I would make in the time period based on what I will be making. In Illinois you cant apply for your license until you pass the PANCE I believe.
  2. Can you start credentialing with all the hospitals without your license though? I didnt know if they need that little bit of info until they can credential you properly. I cant apply for my state license until I have my PANCE results anyways. Its all part of a hurry up and wait game which sucks. As far as the pay goes, I agree I think I am worth much more than 15$ and hour considering the knowledge I will be gaining will lead to tons of money and independence for both me and the company in the future.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I will essentially be stuck in the no mans land, I will have passed my PANCE but have no license. I will have less functioning capability of a student actually, unable to really even touch a patient. However, as many of you know observation and learning from the doc is going to be huge, especially with my first job. I should be able to round the hospital, observe clinic, and surgery as well. I am under the impression that my pay will actually be quite low as well. Unfortunately I think credentialing with the hospitals and may have to take place after the license is through as well which could lead to further delay. Thanks
  4. Hey all, this is my first post, and I am hoping for some advice on a situation I am in. I am about to start my first job in orthopedic surgery and there is going to be a waiting period between the time I pass the PANCE and the time I am licensed. My future employer would like me to start as soon as possible however my contracted salary will not begin until I have my license. They are willing to pay me for my time prior to getting my license so I will be there to get into the groove of things and start learning. We do not have an agreed upon compensation yet and I was wondering what the norm is and how much I should ask to be compensated for my time prior to my contract salary starting. I will be working in a suburb of a large city. Cheers
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