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  1. Hi Rev Ronin, Those are all good questions. I had trouble posting to the site last night and only my first paragraph posted. We are conducting an online survey as part of our graduate project. All answers are anonymous. Here's the link: (Survey Link deleted by Rev Ronin) We are looking at information such as school experience, work experience and social support. We need information from PA-Cs and PA-Ss who have completed at least the first year of the program. Thanks very much!
  2. We are three PA students who need your help. We are doing research comparing PA students’ perception of how ready they were for PA school with standard methods of evaluating applicants (GRE and GPA). As entrance to PA school is getting more and more competitive, we are curious if qualities other than those numerical scores can help select students.
  3. Is this four 8-hour days or four 10-hour days. The salary seems low for full time, but if it's actually 80% of full time, that's not quite so bad. You have to decide if the cut in pay is worth being closer to family. Since you have experience in primary peds, why not get production bonus from the beginning?
  4. You said your first paycheck was already held, so you haven't even been paid yet? I would go to the labor board immediately to get paid.
  5. Sorry, I didn't see this before to reply before you ordered the book. I use the Merck Manual website, which is free and frequently updated. Glad you like the book. - Heather
  6. ShelliMedz, you were in Tampa, right? I think I remember reading about your last job offer from your family friend. Anyway, I'm in PA school at Nova Fort Myers and am curious where your new offer is, if you're willing to share. Good luck with negotiations!
  7. The made riduculously simple books are good. We used that as our patho book and many of us refer to it for our CMS course too. It's not extremely informative as to "why." When I want more information, I often read the Merck Manual Website.
  8. I believe all of the required rotations are to be done pretty locally, but many people go out of state for the last few rotations, meaning the last summer of school. I know of three people (at least) who are "going home" for their last rotations.
  9. Regardless of the individual community college policy regarding "academic amnesty", the CASPA doesn't do that. You are required to input all of your courses into the application, and CASPA calculates your GPA. If you are taking your current courses at the same school as the courses you took in high school, I don't see how you could not include them. Potentially, if it's a different school, you could not include that school in your application at all, but that's a slippery slope. Since it was high school, I could see leaving them out, saying they were just extracurricular activities, but as another poster said, it could be considered lying on your application. Lying is not a good idea as you can be expelled for it. Good luck
  10. Summer is the first semester. Your two hard classes will be anatomy and physiology. Expect to be in class M-F 8-5 with an hour for lunch 12-1. Some days we started later and some we got out earlier, but not too much. If I recall, we had an exam about once every week or two. It seems daunting at first, but once you get into fall you'll realize how easy you had it. Fall semester is definitely M-F 8-5. One week we had three exams and an OSCE, which is a role-playing exam. After that, one exam a week is easy. Expect at least one exam per week.
  11. I actually have a great relationship with most of the students in our class, which has about 60 members. I mean, I'm not buddies with everyone, of course we all have our own personalities, but for the most part we get along well. I've had several students tell me and the other parents that they admire us for being able to juggle so many things at once. I feel really lucky to have such great classmates. I talk about my kids a lot, share photos on FB and even use those parenting experiences that I've had with sick kids to provide extra examples when it makes sense. Our class is pretty good with sharing study guides. We have a FB group and a Google Drive to share study guides and other info. Some of it's helpful and some of it isn't, but at least it's there if I want it. Sometimes I study with people, and sometimes I study alone, usually I study alone. And, I know that's not always to my benefit because sometimes I miss something that people were talking about in the last minute review right before the test. We also study via text/FB messages, quizzing, discussing quick things, etc., and that helps a lot too. Overall, my class provides a great deal of support.
  12. I believe labor laws are state-based, which state are you in?
  13. I'm in my second semester. I have two kids - 2 yo and 6 yo and am married. Luckily I have a super supportive husband, which helps a lot. I agree with the posted above that it's difficult to switch to study mode. And, it's hard to hold in the stress when I know I need to study but cannot hit the books for three hours when the kids are in bed at 9. Letting go of the need to get all As has helped a lot. I'm a lot less stressed now that I'm OK with Bs. One of the hardest adjustments for me was to stop being super mom. It's OK if the kids eat a few fast food meals or grilled cheese meals so I can study. Dad is great, but not the healthiest cook. But, for the next year, that's OK. When I can cook, we eat grilled fish. When I can't cook, we eat - not grilled fish, but at least we eat. Oh, and the house is a mess, but don't let that stress you out either. It's a year of classes, you can do anything for a year. My husband also takes the boys out without me. At first it was really hard to miss out on those fun activities to study, but I had to realize that I had to take advantage of that time to study. We have several people with kids in our class, and I think we're all doing well. It's a juggling act, for sure, but we also can lament with each other. Find a good group of study buddies. Maybe you won't study together because your schedules are different, but you can share study guides and support. I typically study from 9-11 pm M-TH, and then some studying on both Sat and Sunday. If we have space in our schedule during the day, I take advantage of that time to study too. If we get out early, I often stay at school until our regular dismissal time to study as it's very distracting at home. Good luck!
  14. Hi CCFireLt - I'm in the incoming class of 2016 (we just had our orientation yesterday!) and I think I can answer a few of your questions. Talk to Claudia, I think she'll have more time on her schedule now that we're all out of her hair. But I think you should finish your application prior to graduating, as December is cutting it a bit close. I know they say they do interviews through March, but I think the class was pretty full after the February interviews. I think interviews start in October. I think the application cycle is already open. I cannot remember when the deadline is for Nova, but probably early fall. Claudia will tell you when exactly. From what I recall, she told me to finish my CASPA in September and take the GRE in August. Since your GPA is already great, I don't think applying while still taking classes will hurt you, but I'm not on the admissions committee. :-) If you can handle the load, you might consider taking some of the Chem classes while you're still at FGCU, even if you take them at Edison. And, yes, you can take Medical Terminology online. For us, orientation was yesterday, and we have another week of orientation next week, then classes officially start June 2. Good luck!
  15. Ventana, Ventana, I never said I was an expert in pay issues, and I didn't think this board was restricted to those who are. Just to clarify, while I am "pre pa", I have > 20 years in the professional world and certainly can comment about things like benefits and salary with experience and a bit of "expertise". Not everyone who is entering PA school is fresh out of college with no real-world experience. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in your response. I've been reading these boards for a while, and come to respect you and your opinion as you seem to give thoughtful answers to most questions. But, you blew off what I wrote without any consideration. Nothing that I wrote really warranted being disregarded in such a manner. BOO.
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