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  1. I am also waitlisted. Wish i have information about my position on the waitlist...
  2. It was great to see you guys on Tuesday! It was the most challenging interview I've had , but i really enjoyed both interview process and the tour! (stimulation lab was awesome!!!) Cross my fingers for everyone and hope to hear back from school soon!!!!!!!
  3. I really enjoyed the interview process of MBKU ! All of the faculty members were nice and always smiled at us which made me feel comfortable! Also 1st yr students were really helpful! They answered all of our questions thoroughly and addressed all of our concerns. Good luck to everyone who haven't done the interview yet. (Can't wait to hear back from the school)
  4. Hi, aquariuspa congrats!! On your requirements folder, does it provide how to complete patient care experience work sheet? For me, it doesn't.. I sent an e-mailed to Lesile Lim (paadmissions@ketchum.edu) who is in charge of admission process and she said disregard requirements folder. According to her, school received all my requirements through CASPA so i don't have to submit anything not even patient care experience thing. If you have already submitted everything through CASPA, send her an email! (She is very nice!) Good luck on your interview!!
  5. Do we need to patient care experience verification sheet? I didn't see it on my folder..
  6. i have scheduled my interview on Jan.10 at 7:45am maybe we get to see each other ^^
  7. congrats!! I just got my invite too. Did you choose the date already? I was checking the interview dates and couldn't find it =(
  8. Have you talk to Sharon Foster? if you haven't, send her an email about your situation. she is really helpful and probably will tell you what to do.
  9. Does any one know when they will start to send out the interview invitation? (what month?)
  10. Did anyone who have completed supplemental application get verification hours sheet? I completed my supplemental application yet didn't see the work sheet on the website.
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