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  1. Can you guys share some stats? For the 2 and 3 yr program? Thanks
  2. Hello, For UDM prereqs-how much weight do they carry in the admissions process? How about clinical experience?
  3. How does it work with the HPSA score? Is there a score range that will assure (or close to it) being accepted to it? Like a HPSA score of 22-24. Or is the program extremely competitive for PAs?
  4. How about Psych residencies? I think there is only one?
  5. Hi, I would like to have some opinions on taking a lot of the prereqs for the PA program with UNECOM's online division offering a variety of the prereqs. I have taken AP in a brick and mortar school but I feel that I would need to quit my job to arrange to get to class and finish the others in a reasonable amount of time.
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