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  1. *relevant questions. NOT "real net" questions
  2. @patachok Yeah, I researched as much as possible about every program weeks in advance of each interview, I try to be pleasant and smile... Obviously my smile might break sometimes due to being nervous, but I try my best. I rehearse the material of my answers but not word for word, just trying to get the ideas across... I also ask two or three real net questions at the end of each interview. And I bought that book actually. Love it and I feel like it helped, but at a few interviews after reading it, I still haven't gotten in. One thing I don't do is research the faculty very much prior to the interview. Does that help a lot? Maybe I'll try it. I'll need to make sure my answers sound genuine and not rehearsed too. I just feel like you gotta be absolutely flawless to get accepted. It sucks... Thanks for the advice though
  3. Hi PA admissions, Thanks for all your helpful advice! I've read through most of this forum and it's great! I have a question I'd like to run past you if you have a second to answer. I'm getting towards the end of my first application cycle to PA school. I'm very committed to the profession and have planned on becoming a PA for years. I love it. Before applying this year, I was sure that I would be accepted by multiple schools. I have a 3.76 GPA, 3.8 science GPA, 2500 hours as a MA, biochem major (graduating this May), I speak fluent Spanish, have volunteered in multiple capacities... Etc. I applied to 7 programs this year, was invited to interview at 6 of them. After interviews, however, I was rejected by 2 programs flat out, and I'm pretty far down on the wait list at all the others. I can't figure out for the life of me what I'm doing wrong. I've worked hard to improve my interview skills, read books and websites all over the place, practiced interviewing for hours and hours... I just can't figure it out, and I'm getting discouraged. Can you think of any possible reason that all these schools would be interested in me until they meet me? I know this is like a shot in the dark type question for you, since you don't know me, but any advice you have would be appreciated! I'm a little reserved in personality, but once people get to know me, they always like me. I don't know why admissions committees aren't working the same way... Ha I appreciate your time! Thanks again! -Tyler
  4. Hey guys! Need some advice... I'm having troubles with my interviews and I don't know where I'm going wrong. This is my first year applying to PA school, very committed to the profession. I applied to 7 different schools, I've interviewed at 5 of them already with one more interview in 3 weeks. I think that illustrates that my application was solid. I have a 3.76 GPA, 3.8 science GPA, biochem major with 2500 hours of direct patient care as an MA. Honestly, before I interviewed this year, I was sure I would get accepted to multiple schools. However, after interviewing, I was rejected by 2 schools right off, and I'm wait listed pretty far down on the other 3 programs. I've worked hard to improve my interview skills and feel like I've covered all my bases but I still can't get accepted anywhere. Does anyone have any pointers or tips that you think might be the key to successfully interviewing? Thanks
  5. Finally! Accepted an interview invite today for April 9th.
  6. Cool thanks! I'm hoping things work out the same for me... :)
  7. Hey kimberlina, I'm in the same boat pre-req wise. Do I need to send them a transcript or something after winter semester so they can see that I completed two of my 3 outstanding pre-reqs? What did you do?
  8. Sweet! Yeah it's gonna be fun... Where are you coming from?
  9. Just confirmed my interview for dec. 7. Anyone else interviewing that day?
  10. That makes me feel better... Cuz yeah I've heard that a lot too. I know three girls that have gone to the u and zero guys. Soooo my personal viewpoint supported that myth, but looks like it's wrong. Phew
  11. i got an interview invite today! October 4. submitted my app in July, 3.79 cgpa, 3.85 sgpa, 2500 hours direct patient care work as a medical assistant. anyone else interviewing that day?
  12. Hey anyone else applying to seton hill this year? Any news? I just got an email saying that I'm "interview eligible"... So that's nice... But apparently they aren't interviewing until February. Anyways, if anyone else hears anything let us know!
  13. supplemental app has to be filled out before they will invite you for an interview.
  14. I got an email confirming that all of my application had been received about 2 weeks ago.
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