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  1. Selling Rosh Review, Expires 10/31/2018. Current pricing on their website is 199$ for a one year subscription, 149$ for 90 days. Selling mine for 90$ PM me if interested.
  2. I have about four months left to graduation, currently at an out of state PA program with plans to move to NYC after. If I hope to work at one of the big hospital systems in NYC, is it futile to put in job applications now as I have not already graduated? Would it be better to wait until I take my boards and move up there to hear back from anyone, or do they interview soon-to-be graduates too? Would appreciate any advice!
  3. Last year when I applied to schools, the same thing happened to me. I calculated my science GPA to be over 3.0 but when the actual GPA came up on CASPA it was a 2.9. I still received several interviews and got in. So it's not entirely impossible.
  4. I also had great results with Magoosh. They were almost like a personal tutor. If I didn't understand the question and how to get the answer they gave, I'd shoot them an email and would get a detailed explanation as to why from their team. The practice questions were similar to the ones I found on the actual test. Being able to see how much time I spent on which types of questions was so helpful. I think it also helped me get used to taking the test on the computer. Raised my score a good 10 points in each section.
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