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  1. Hey guys! So there's officially a FB group for the class of 2018! Search "Touro University California - MSPAS/MPH Class of 2018"
  2. No there isn't... not that I know of anyway. I need at least 1 friend on FB to invite to the group to start an actual group. If you want to add me, I'll be happy to start it :). -Ida Jelveh
  3. No problem. Honestly I don't think it matters... my first answer was one long paragraph and for the rest of the questions I had several shorter paragraphs for each. Hope this helps!
  4. I literally wrote "No." to the ones that did not apply to me, which were most of the questions in the first portion.
  5. Hi everyone! I received my acceptance letter in the mail this morning! Good luck to all other applicants! :)
  6. I emailed admissions to find out when they are sending out invitations, but they just let me know that interviews will be held at the end of October. I'm sure we'll start hearing next week! Good luck to everyone!
  7. Received my interview invitation this morning! Excited to meet those that are interviewing on September 23! Good luck to everyone :)
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