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  1. I have declined my interview for the 29th, good luck to everyone!!! Stay true to yourselves.
  2. I was officially accepted from the waitlist today!! Don't lose hope!
  3. I called the program and asked what type of Interview they conduct. They said there is an individual and group interview.
  4. Im flying in from California on the 28th to interview on the 29th. Im in too!
  5. I interviewed on August 3rd. They said we will hear back in 1-2 weeks. It’ll be 2 weeks this Friday, so I’m keeping my hopes up until then.
  6. I am on the same boat as you, still waiting for a response after my interview. Hopefully we get a decision this week.
  7. Thank you! I appreciate you giving us a heads up. Congrats again, it’s officially real, your gonna be a PA soon ?
  8. Super cool! The program seems awesome, I’m excited for you. I was in the afternoon interview on August 3rd. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a similar phone call.
  9. Congrats Katie that’s awesome! Did you get a phone call or an email?
  10. Katie, It’s my understanding that we are only supposed to start filling out the application. If you are accepted they will send you an id code to enter which will allow you to submit to their program. I just filled in all of the components of the application so that it is ready to submit.
  11. I wrote an entire new essay, but incorporated ideas from my caspa personal statement. Good luck!
  12. Congrats! I’ll be seeing you August 3rd. Where are you flying in from? I will be driving up, I’m about 3 hours south of Salinas.
  13. Congrats!! That’s awesome, I hope to be joining you in January too ?
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