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  1. WIPA-C

    PANCE Scores

    You need 350 to pass the PANCE
  2. I was accepted into Chatham's PA program, but I will not be attending this program. From my experience with this program last yr, it is too early to hear from them. They scheduled two interviews; November (2013) and January (2014). I believe that I received an interview invite last year around October. Good luck to you all!
  3. Wow!! That's quite impressive. I think that you should continue to maintain good grades and acquire more HCE. Does Rutgers/UMDNJ program require GRE? If yes, plan on studying and getting above 50th percentile. Btw, why are you applying to one program? It might be safer to increase the number of programs that you'll be applying to.
  4. Honestly, I don't think that you should retake it. Most schools require candidates to have 300 combined or more. However, if you have the money, and think you can score higher than your current score then retake it.
  5. I think you should apply early as long as you meet the HCE limit for those schools. You can maybe send a letter or email update on how much HCE you've acquired since your CASPA application.
  6. WIPA-C


    It depends. If you turn it in during the busy months (May-July), it might take a little longer than 2 weeks. I submitted mine in August (2013), and it took a week.
  7. All these bills are really depressing for me. I will be starting PA school in August, and sometimes I can't help but feel as if I made a bad decision. I need some positive news with regards to the PA profession!!
  8. I will be starting PA school this August, but I know for sure that I wouldn't be accepting that kind of offer when I graduate. I mean, I have a friend who just graduated as an RN, and her starting salary is $60,000. That salary is a complete insult for a PA. I agree with primadonna22274.
  9. I have not condemned anyone. Matter of fact, I don't care if one chooses to attend PA school at 21 or at 50..I was just saying that I'm tired of people making it seem as if it's a crime that I've always had a career choice since I was younger, and I worked towards it.
  10. I am a Biology major, and I learned how to read EKG,AND I also have some knowledge about how medications work (from taking human physiology, Animal physiology and Advanced human physiology). Now, I cannot compare my knowledge on those materials to an RN's knowledge, but at least I have a good understanding that I can build on while attending PA school. Rome wasn't built in one day (While attending PA school, I might need to work harder than "experienced" RNs or parademics, but I am willing to do so without whining about it)..
  11. Thank you for this comment. A common trend on this forum is that the PA route is for people who have had a career AND if you are under a certain age, you should attend med school. I understand that the PA profession started for people who have had a career in the medical field, and will like to advance it. Since senior yr in High school, I've always wanted to become a PA one day. My brother is currently a third yr med student, and although I met the prerequisite and everything to attend med school, I still chose to PA school. During my 1st PA school interview (October, 2013), I was 20 yrs old. My interviewer struggled with the fact that I was only 20. I explained to him that being a PA is what I've always wanted and my age doesn't mean that I am unsure about this career choice. Long story short, I was rejected after that interview. I emailed him, and he told me that I "was a competitive candidate but he would like me to get more life experience, and maybe reapply in a yr or two". I couldn't believe it. How does one decide that I don't have life experience because I'm 20? I was born and raised in Nigeria, and I moved to the US when I was 15. I would love to believe that I have experienced life to some extent. moreover, how much life experience will I possibly gain within a yr or two?. Oh well, I finally got admitted into 2 programs that I really love. I can't wait to graduate in May, and start PA school in August. Yes, I will be starting PA school at 21, and I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity! p.s I worked as a CNA for 6 months,volunteered in a patient care unit at the hospital, and shadowed PAs as well
  12. Still waiting on mine. Atleast we don't have to mail in the deposit until we receive the admission packet.
  13. @iphie @jhood I finally called, and Kristi said that they will be mailing the packet soon.
  14. Honestly, I know that this is going to be hard to do, but you need to RELAX. From my experience interviewing at 4 PA programs (Will be starting PA school this August): 1) Do not approach the interview as if it were a do or die affair. Show enough enthusiasm by knowing the program's goals and objectives, but do NOT come off desperate. 2) Walk in to the interview and answer questions with confidence. 3) When asked a question, it's okay to take a few seconds to gather your thoughts. Don't feel pressured to have an already made answer. 4) Try to incorporate your answers/experiences into a story (obviously don't lie). People remember stories better. 5) Scenario type questions? Approach it this way: What was the scenario? Who was involved? What was the outcome? What did you learn from it? 6) Be yourself! I am very goofy, and I tried to incorporate that during my interviews (while remaining professional). This is also dependent on the interviewers; if they look serious, please remain serious. If they crack a few jokes, respond likewise. Basically, pay attention to the mood and tone of your interviewers. Goodluck
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