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  1. Hello, Just curious if any fellow PAs are working for Wake EM Physicians,PA in NC. If so can you please offer some information (pros and cons, fast track vs main, fairly compensated, the area etc) Thank you!
  2. Hey just curious if anyone else has used the PA Board Review e-Book by Andrew Reid and if so did it help you prepare? I have been using another PANCE review book and doing countless exam master questions. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the input! I will be presenting all of my patients to the attending and they will "see" them. Im not sure if that is hands on or not, but I like that extra back up as a new Grad. Yea unfortunately no PTO but its EM and I'm a new grad so I'm not going to complain. No its not mandatory to do "x" amount of shifts. They schedule you for full time so 11-12 shifts a month and you can pick up more. Anything over 40 hours a week is time and a half.
  4. New grad here with an offer in EM. I'll be working in the main ED at a small hospital in the southeast with a volume of roughly 50k patients annually. I am happy with this offer and I like the area! -Full time -12 hour shifts (11-16+ shifts a month) -$50/hr -HSA premium completely paid. $1500 contributed to deductible annually. -Medical Mal with tail -401k after one year with 5% contributed -CME 2k -Expected to see 1.3 patients/hr I'll be reevaluated after 90 days. Verbally stated that If I see more than 1.3 patients/hr then I'll receive a raise. I've heard raise to 55/hr from current PAs. Thanks everyone!
  5. Ill take a quick stab at it DDx 1. Organophosphate Toxicity (Cholinergic toxicity) based on exposure, H/A, miosis, dry membranes, Urinary Incontinence 2. CVA based on Severe H/A , Age 3. Hyperreflexia suggests UMN lesion Wish I had more Order CT Head EKG CBC CMP RBC Cholinesterase levels (google lol) Urine tox screen Therapies Anticholinergics (atropine) if organophosphate toxicity is the Dx Oxygen IVF In regards to history, I would ask about more questions about the herbicide exposure. How often? Prior exposures? Has this happened before? -Id ask about narcotics. -Also hitting his head on the sprinkler. Did he fall or walk into it? That isn't clear to me. Any LOC, vision changes, paresthesias, weakness, or chest pain? -Family history regarding AMIs, cancers, and strokes. -Last oral intake? -FEVER?
  6. Hey there, has anyone ever done the Mayo Clinic PA rotation program in Jacksonville, FL? Seems like it would be a very educational and beneficial opportunity for a PA student? Thank you!
  7. I just checked out website. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the post cbrsmurf! It was very informative
  9. PT 1 : check serum uric acid levels and start CCB or losartan
  10. I am starting PA school in June and bought pharmacology flashcards off amazon. They have many options, but I decided on mosbys pharm memory note cards because of the reviews and they were roughly $20.
  11. Approximately 1500 hours working as an EMT-B in a small city
  12. Thats what I figured but the deadline is January 2nd lol
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