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  1. From my humble student perspective, Medical Practitioner is the name of choice. But regardless of what the name might become, does anyone have a good idea on what it would actually take to make a name change happen? What's the first step? Does AAPA need to take the lead? If not, then who? It seems many agree the name needs to be changed I just wonder how does the movement get started?
  2. Great! Thanks for staying on this. Perhaps its the skeptic in me, but I would still encourage folks to go and comment positively about the addition of PA's to the standard. Positive reinforcement may help make sure it actually makes it into the final version. Regardless, even though I am still only a PA student, I spent almost a decade as a flight medic prior to coming to school and I definitely miss it. Hopeful this will open up possibilities in the future. Strong work!
  3. The draft version of the 11th edition standards are now available on the CAMTS website. It is available for comment if you are interested. I did note that PA's were added for "emergency critical care" level of service but they were not included in "intensive care" level. Definitely a step in the right direction though. Great job by all who worked on this! http://www.camts.org/
  4. I have used the VividTrac in training and teaching scenarios but no live tissue use. In general I was impressed. I know of a few EMS agencies that used these in the field as an affordable option to put VL on their units. Never heard any real complaints. I would also like to hear some actual patient use feedback. From a teaching aspect, I loved being able to use the VividTrac connected to my computer connected to the projector to show the whole class proper laryngoscopy technique and landmarks. Great teaching tool. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  5. Looks like this has entered the mainstream media world... from the Associated Press: "Missouri targets doctor dearth, expands first-in-nation law" https://apnews.com/55c5cd4f30064140a1ac8917739ce1e5?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=APCentralRegion
  6. If it where easy to make the change, I would vote for Medical Practitioner. It would provide equal footing with NP's and it accurately describes the profession. However, I think Physician Associate is a more logistically easy change that gets away from the "assistant" ball and chain while still allowing the PA title.
  7. Just a lowly PA student here, but I can easily see the power that the nursing lobby has been able to leverage to move NP practice rights forward. Even as a student I can find a few bucks to donate to the AAPA PAC and I did just that. Your turn...
  8. HIPAA allows you to share information between care givers. When a clinician at poison control assists in the care of this patient they are now no different than when you arrive at the hospital and you give the patient's info to the nurse or registration staff. Also, part of poison control's care includes tracking exposures and when needed following up on the patient's care/outcome. Long story short, yes...this is definitely allowed under HIPAA. http://www.ncpoisoncenter.org/body.cfm?id=80
  9. Hey Petite, congratulations on being accepted. I am a student in the current 1st year class. You should get some information compiled by our class on suggested housing options sometime around the Superbowl or March'ish. We have a bunch of insight into which places are good and which you should stay away from. We have people in almost any living situation you could consider. I have a family and we live in a townhome as close to campus as physcially possible. There are other's who live in apartments a few minutes away and others who live 30 minutes to an hour or more away. And everyone is doing fine. You just have to decide what you want and then we can help you narrow down your choices. Hope that helps some, let me know if you have any specific questions.
  10. Hi there. It would be hard for anyone here to give you a great answer without much more information, but what I can say for sure is that tons of HCE can't hurt you. I came in with a similar number of hours but I also had a decent GRE and GPA scores (320 and 3.54 Cum Sci GPA). My understanding is that they tend to look at the whole picture but they still have to sort the applications by something and I honestly don't know what they prioritize in that process. Sorry I can't provide more help, thanks for asking though.
  11. Well, I'm still in my first semester so we aren't really even looking at clinical rotations yet. What I do know is that our upper-class recently signed up for their rotations and they all seemed to be very pleased with the options and variety. You will do 10 rotations; 7 mandatory (Geriatrics/Psych, General Surgery, Family Med, Internal Med, Emergency Med, & Pediatrics) and 3 electives. They work with you to pick your electives and do a great job of meeting your needs. At least a couple of your rotations will be away from the Atlanta metro area, most likely some kind of rural site. During the interview they will present an information session and allow for questions, this would be a great questions during the interview day. Sorry I don't know much more but I hope this helps, focusing on anatomy is my life right now. Thanks for the question, let me know if you have any more.
  12. Congratulations to everyone who has received an interview! I am a current 1st year Emory PA student, I just wanted to say hi and be here to answer any questions. We are super excited to get to know you and my biggest piece of advice is to relax and be yourself. The interview day is a two-way conversation where Emory is interviewing you but you should also be evaluating if Emory is the right place for you. Congratulations again, look forward to seeing you all during interviews.
  13. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/863848?nlid=105534_436 I'm just a soon to be PA-S, but policy proposals like this one seem to hold potential devastating consequences for the PA profession. I understand that there are arguments to be made about supervision vs. collaboration vs. autonomy vs. independence. However, I worry that the PA world is suffering from "paralysis of analysis". At this point the general public and huge systems like VA are generally accepting of NP independence, if PA's don't maintain relevance what will the future hold? Just interested in keeping the conversation going in an effort to progress the profession and learn from those of you out there with more experience. Thanks.
  14. Sounds great, do you happen to know which court this case was in? Just interested in looking for the ruling when it is published. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  15. Hey everyone, I am going to attend a different program and I wanted to give you all a heads up that I gave up my UTMB seat today. This should open up a spot for someone on the wait list. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
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