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  1. @TwinkletheElf Nope! No one else has heard back either. I think it has to do with the new test and everything
  2. Yep, took it Jan 2. Still no scores... if anyone has called NCCPA, any news? I'm starting to kind of lose it.
  3. Seriously? WAY too much detail. This is in direct violation of NCCPA rules (which you agreed to when you took the exam) and your certification could be on the line. i would edit this post and delete all details if I were you.
  4. Any IR PA jobs out there where PAs aren't constantly exposed to radiation? Do IR PAs assist with or perform a lot of fluoroscopy-guided procedures? About to be a new grad and I'm wondering if IR is worth the health risks despite how awesome it seems.
  5. @shinsplint I can't remember exactly how long, but I think at least a few weeks? I remember thinking about calling to see if mine had gotten lost in the mail lol
  6. At the interview, I believe one of the current students said that they would be making a Facebook group for accepted students... anyone know when that'll happen? :D
  7. I'm getting HCE in an office where the office manager is the doctor's sister....... horrible, horrible, horrible. At least I've learned my lesson early.
  8. Anyone care to share since dm123 hasn't signed on since 2012 -- is second year harder on relationships than first year/why? I always thought first year would be the worst for those who are in relationships (especially if you are within driving distance from your bf/gf/spouse the 2nd year?)
  9. Oops! I just fixed the mistake I made above... It was dated the day AFTER my interview, not the day of! I was at the DE interview 8/17!
  10. just got my acceptance letter!!!!! :') Edit: For those wondering, it was dated on the 18th (day after my interview) postmarked the 20th. YAY!
  11. Waiting (veeery anxiously) for a letter in the mail. It's only been a couple of days, but I can't help but hope it'll come sooner rather than the 2-3 weeks Diana had quoted!
  12. Lots of good questions for you all to ask at interviews...
  13. From the ARC-PA accreditation manual (http://www.arc-pa.org/documents/AccreditationManualPostgrad%20Standards%202ndedition%20July%202012%20fnl.pdf): "The ARC-PA accredits only qualified clinical postgraduate PA programs offered by, or located within institutions chartered by and physically located within, the United States and where PA residents are geographically located within the United States for their education. Accredited clinical postgraduate PA programs must be established in a) schools of allopathic or osteopathic medicine, b) colleges and universities affiliated with appropriate
  14. They received a warning due to the financial instability of its parent corporation, Education Management Corporation. My guess is that this affects both campuses.
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