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  1. @TwinkletheElf Nope! No one else has heard back either. I think it has to do with the new test and everything
  2. Yep, took it Jan 2. Still no scores... if anyone has called NCCPA, any news? I'm starting to kind of lose it.
  3. Seriously? WAY too much detail. This is in direct violation of NCCPA rules (which you agreed to when you took the exam) and your certification could be on the line. i would edit this post and delete all details if I were you.
  4. Any IR PA jobs out there where PAs aren't constantly exposed to radiation? Do IR PAs assist with or perform a lot of fluoroscopy-guided procedures? About to be a new grad and I'm wondering if IR is worth the health risks despite how awesome it seems.
  5. Check this out: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/academic-history/course-subjects/index.html
  6. On the CASPA FAQ, it says "Enter you grade EXACTLY as it appears on your official transcript." On my transcript, my AP credit grades are "AP". However, where it talks about transfer credits on the FAQ, it says "Your grade is 'CR' for Credit." Which should I go with?... "AP" or "CR"?
  7. Do you have direct, hands-on healthcare experience? That'll probably be your biggest hurdle if not. Also, while a few schools accept MCAT scores, the overwhelming majority solely accept GRE scores.
  8. I am 99% sure that any pre-health related areas of study (pre-med/pre-dentistry/pre-PA) do not grant degrees, they are just tracks that you will follow so that you are ready to apply to schools. You can't graduate with a degree in pre-PA studies, however, you can earn a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics while following the pre-PA track.
  9. Hello! I will make this short and sweet -- if looking at two applications, one person who's an optometric/ophthalmic technician (assisting with lasik surgery, performing exams, etc -- definitely direct, hands-on care) vs. a medical assistant position working with a dermatologist (also assisting with exams/procedures, patient history, etc) which one would have more weight over the other, and by how much? I'm positive that I will get hands on experience in both positions but I'm not sure whether working in optometry/ophthalmology is less preferred/less valued -- what would be the case for your program? I appreciate you taking the time to answer everyone's questions, thanks in advance!
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