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  1. Sounds like you’re training the dog ourself. If that is the case I’m pretty sure the dog will not qualify as a service dog. The dogs have to be specifically trained by a formal program program to perform specific tasks.
  2. Not it hasn’t effected your ability to practice. Seems to me that this question may be a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act
  3. Point of order........ One size does not fit all... AAPA PAC is a federal,PAC and operates under federal law. State PACs like FL operate under the laws off the state. The FL PAC obviously allows donations from anyone. Another state may require you be A resident of the state or a member of the organization..
  4. Awful. If this passes as is described it will kill the job market for PAs. Especially new grads. I agree it sends the wrong message about master’s degree programs
  5. I urge everyone to outside of FL to contribute as much as you can to your state PAC before contributing to FL or any other state. Contributions to FL while a nice gesture do nothing to help get legislation passed in any other state. Thinking that passage of a law in one state will “open a flood gate” is extremely politically naive.
  6. Not exactly..... This legislation has nothing to do with billing but rather REIMBURSEMENT. Billing for PA services MUST always be done under the PA's NPI number NOT the physician's. Because the reimbursement rate for PAs is 85% of the physician's rate billing under the physician's would not be looked upon favorably by CMS. Currently the reimbursement for PA services goes to the SP/practice not the PA. All other providers bill under their NPI and receive the reimbursement directly. This is what the legislation changes. As of January 1, 2022 PAs will receive the reimbursement dir
  7. Asking this question here is like asking a lawyer how to treat your hypertension
  8. Having a Corporation allowed me to deduct business expenses like the cost of purchasing a car gas , matainance, insurance, cell phone, malpractice insurance, computer, lab coats CME, journal subscriptions to name a few write offs I’m sure an accountant would find more
  9. You’ll be sorry come tax time. I had W2 and 1099 I I come for 15 years. Lost very dime of the 1099 money to taxes and penalties. Sat with an accountant my lawyer recommended For the next 14 years I paid next to no taxes on the corporation I formed Sit with an accountant now if only to get professional advice. It will be worth what ever it costs
  10. Because Federal law prohibits donations from non-members. Only members and employees can contribute
  11. It can be overwhelming. I’ve been reading up on this stuff for over 40:years and have learned from my mistakes. Best advice I can give you is to get yourself a fee only advisor you can trust and go with no load mutual funds. For a novice like you Vanguard would be a good choice there funds are just about all no load index funds Another caveat is to never buy our invest in anything that you don’t completely understand. I was fortunate enough to find a CPA who is also a Certifiend Financial Planner I’m happy to chat with you if you’d like just email me I
  12. Of course your financial advisor recommended an IUL. He made a huge commission by selling it to you. An IUL is a whole life insurance policy and has no place in your retirement portfolio. I recommend that you 1) Dump your advisor -STAT. He’s more concerned with making money off you than what’s best for you. 2) find a fee only advisor that charges you by the hour. NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE AN ADVISOR THAT IS A BROKER OR IN ANYWAY SELLS ANY FINANCIAL PRODUCTS !!! 3) Don’t put another dime into the IUL.You will no doubt loose money in the short term but in the long term you’ll be
  13. The main benefit to rolling over to a roll over. IRA is that you maintain complete control. I think the advisor at Fidelity is wrong about the IRA being exposed in a law suit. My understanding is that all retirement assets are protected. Just make sure you have your own malpractice insurance
  14. The November meeting is a virtual meeting
  15. I’m not surprised. My source for that was a promotional pamphlet put out by a company promoting tourism
  16. True. Ri is the smallest state but has more miles of shoreline than any other state And the job market for PAs is pretty good too
  17. I haven’t read the Vermont law but from the description it sounds like Rhode Island law has all that is in the Vermont law plus there is no requirement for a practice agreement
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