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  1. Agree. And it really is less than helpful when faculty memebers of PA programs don’t set the example by being members.
  2. APRNS in my state have had independent practice for 9 years. In that time the number of PA position has increased. PAs are the preferred providers in invasive radiology and surgical practices. Other specialties pretty much employ PAs and APRNs in equal numbers. The only areas Where APRNs dominate are anesthesia and women’s health
  3. Cinntsp, My comment was not a response to your post. The original post included the statement “Unbelievable lack of advocacy by MAPA!!”. Clearly the poster was calling MAPA out for a lack of advocacy. How can MAPA be expected to advocate for inclusion in a bill If they have no knowledge of the bill being drafted?
  4. You are making the assumption that MAPA was aware the this bill was being drafted which is in all likelihood a false assumption
  5. Doesn’t really matter what your lawyer says. The company’s lawyer is basing the decision on what’s in the best interest of the company so if he advises the company that you don’t pass the ABC test then as far as they are concerned you can’t be an independent contractor. It would seem to me that the company’s lawyer is better situated to know whether you pass it than your attorney.
  6. I have been successfully advocating for PA legislation for 38 years. Everything from prescriptive privileges to controlled substance prescribing to removing PA Physician ratio to this yearreplacing supervision with collaboration and getting rid of practice agreements. I have NEVER ONCE had a legislator oppose a legislative change because PAs are “assistants”. There have been legislators opposed because PAs are not physicians. BTW the overwhelming majority of legislators are not “idiots”. To be sure there are some who qualify for that distinction but most are intelligent, well read, educated professionals who take their responsibilities seriously.
  7. This is the same doom and gloom that was being predicted back in 1982. Things may change but the PA profession is never going to go away
  8. If you are. Private contractor you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO INCORPORATE! Get a lawyer/ CPA as your first step. As a pvt contractor you should no accept anything less than $200 per hour I would guess. I was a contractor back in the 90s and was getting $100 per hour then. The reason they want you as a contractor is so they don’t have to pay all the taxes etc. They want you to pay them. I would walk, no make that run away as fast as you can.
  9. “The market for PAs in this region of the country (New England) is strong. Some major hospital networks seem to prefer NPs while others seem to prefer PAs.“ I can certainly second that I’m seeing more and more that places that have traditionally have been NP territory switching over to PAs
  10. Rumors of the demise of the PA profession have been circulating as long as the profession has been in existence. It is never going to happen.
  11. There is this law called the American With Disabilities Act. The law prevents any employer from refusing employment to someone with a disability as long as they are physically able to carry out the duties of the job. In addition employers are required to make “reasonable accommodations“ for anybody that has a disability. Employees are not allowed to ask you about your disability I have seen several providers with all kinds of disabilities including cerebral palsy, being wheelchair-bound, being an author extremity amputee so I can’t see any reason why employer could get away with just using you employment strictly because you have Crohn’s disease in ileostomy.
  12. There is much more to this than just the questions. Take a look at Peter Betge’s posts on the Huddle. What has been posted on the Huddle by staff is in my opinion condescending.
  13. I think her and the rest of the AAPA leadership’s silence on this issue speaks volumes. There are thousands of very pissed off PAs out there and not one bit of damage control has come forth
  14. I have not received the survey yet but from what I’m hearing it sounds to me like the people who wrote the questions have no clue about what we are or what we do. I would not come down on the AAPA about this. They probably have no idea that the company they picked has no clue
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