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  1. There is this law called the American With Disabilities Act. The law prevents any employer from refusing employment to someone with a disability as long as they are physically able to carry out the duties of the job. In addition employers are required to make “reasonable accommodations“ for anybody that has a disability. Employees are not allowed to ask you about your disability I have seen several providers with all kinds of disabilities including cerebral palsy, being wheelchair-bound, being an author extremity amputee so I can’t see any reason why employer could get away with just using you employment strictly because you have Crohn’s disease in ileostomy.
  2. There is much more to this than just the questions. Take a look at Peter Betge’s posts on the Huddle. What has been posted on the Huddle by staff is in my opinion condescending.
  3. I think her and the rest of the AAPA leadership’s silence on this issue speaks volumes. There are thousands of very pissed off PAs out there and not one bit of damage control has come forth
  4. I have not received the survey yet but from what I’m hearing it sounds to me like the people who wrote the questions have no clue about what we are or what we do. I would not come down on the AAPA about this. They probably have no idea that the company they picked has no clue
  5. I agree that type of data is totally irrelevant to title change. My guess is they are going to sell it
  6. According to the Bill History at that link it is still in a House Sub-Committee not in the Senate yet
  7. You got that right Army. A strategy like that is political suicide
  8. That sums it up very nicely. Nothing is going to happen one way or the other until the consulting firm completes its study next year. So why bother to get all worked up over it now.
  9. No that is not correct. The survey will be sent to non-members but they can not set up an account without joining AAPA. The link I s to a page where AAPA members can update their profiles.
  10. What exactly is your point with this? What does it have to do with the subject of this post or the fact that VA succeeded in getting an outstanding bill passed?
  11. According to the AAPA co-signature requirements in VA are determined at the practice level and have been for several years. (see https://www.aapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/6_KE_Chart_5-5-17.pdf)
  12. The only program I know of at RIH/Brown is the emergency medicine physician extender residency. The program is open to PAs and NPs.
  13. The website says that the degree is in “PA Medicine”. What is P.A. Medicine?
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