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  1. Oneal, surely you realize this person is a troll? They have one post, and purposely made their username a poke at the alphabet soup a lot of nurse practitioners carry. The only thing they have ever contributed to this board is how bad PA and NP referrals are compared to physicians? Sad that so many in the medical community act so childish towards other professions.
  2. Why does everyone use time in school as the "measure" for whether a provider is better than another? There are many countries where medical school is shorter than in the US...do US physicians automatically rank above those foreign physicians too?
  3. Thats normal. As an RN we were taught everything by the book, but no one did it like that in practice. Real world is very different from the perfect scenario set up in books. It will all make sense in clinical.
  4. "Oversight" on paper is very different from oversight.
  5. Picked up on the NP Forum too: http://npforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=60&p=299#p299
  6. DissentingVoice - interns function within the confines of a residency program. These programs have strong oversight and are designed to train the new graduate as they become a full-fledged physician. There are safeguards in place, for example, NPs/PAs and RNs at night that have 20+ years experience and know to ignore certain orders from the new intern, or "suggest" an alternative course. These programs are designed with the idea that the intern is inexperienced, and precautions are taken. This bill allows these physicians sans residency to go work out in rural environments with no oversight. There is no formal residency program keeping them in check. There are no safeguards. They just get to go out and work in a clinic, perhaps entirely on their own. What's worse, at least a patient know when they are getting a PA or NP by the nametag. This half educated physicians will be able to write MD after their names legally. How you can think this is okay is beyond me. It looks bad for physicians as well, as patients realize even the ivory tower of medicine has cracks. The arguement that PAs and NPs are dangerous because of their lack of standardization and training loses all of its teeth when patients find out that the MD boards are allowing physicians to practice without the required training. Soon the counter to "Your NP may have graduated from an online school" will be "Your MD may not have matched into residency"
  7. Here is my confusion on this: (e) in the case of an applicant for a license as a physician assist- 14 ant, has obtained a passing score on an examination acceptable to the 15 department, PROVIDED THAT ACCESS TO ANY SUCH EXAMINATION SHALL BE GRANT- 16 ED TO ALL STUDENTS OR GRADUATES OF ANY APPROVED PROGRAM. I take this to mean the person must past the PANCE? Couldn't the PANCE people just close the exam to anyone who has not completed an approved US PA program?
  8. This is absolutely ridiculous. The argument some are using is that because PA school is "modeled" after medicine, someone who completes medical school but no residency is no different from PA. That's complete BS. PA school is designed to educate someone who is ready to be a provider when they graduate. The professors, the clinical instructors - they all know that there will be no residency after for the student to "sharpen" their skills. The program is DESIGNED so that the PA does NOT NEED a residency after graduation. The goal of the program is to CREATE A PROVIDER. Medical schools are designed to prepare A RESIDENT. Medical schools spend more time teaching theory and "exposing" students to things, knowing that the details will be hammered out later in residency. The goal is entirely different. Medical schools ARE NOT preparing entry level providers. Medical students cannot practice medicine in this country because their program is designed to be school + residency. Cutting off half and saying "well it's still longer than a PA goes to school, so I should be allowed to function like a PA" is utterly ridiculous. PA and NP schools have their own criteria, their own licensing exams, and their own safeguards in place to ensure competent providers. The programs are designed to create providers who will function in the role as they are educated - aka, an NP is educated as an NP, a PA as a PA. HOW CAN YOU EDUCATION SOMEONE AS A PHYSICIAN AND THEN HAVE THEM TAKE ON THE ROLE OF A PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT!? The potential for role confusion is astronomical. They have not been trained to be "PAs without supervision" they have been trained to be physicians. Their knowledge of what to do in X situation was predicated on the fact that once they are in X situation they will be full fledged physicians who have completed residencies. It's like having someone go to school to be an RN and then giving them a job as a Radiology Tech - "well, it's still healthcare, and the program is just as long"
  9. I've had this said to me before as well. People assume I should be an NP because I'm a nurse. They don't get it when I explain I want to be challenged more. Also, all the physicians I speak to prefer PA to NP and advertise jobs only for PA applicants. So no I don't think they are interchangeable
  10. Ahaha...yes! I had to get in one last post: http://npforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=35&p=228#p228
  11. So say it. I feel like I've said enough already, lol. I have no backup over there!
  12. Wow that's pretty scary. I actually had Chikungunya during a vacation to Australia and Bali a few years ago. Not fun.
  13. Yes. I agree, I am very satisified with the posts from both sides. Respectful. I used to post on allnurses and the NP versus PA threads always devolved into mud slinging very quickly. Some of the posts are still a bit misrepresntative of PA education in my opinion, though. I may have to respond again lol
  14. So sad. The issue is that veterans are dying waiting for care, and the first thing the AMA responds with is that we certaintly shouldn't allow PAs or NPs to fill in that gap! Clearly they care more about protecting their profession than even allowing veterans adequate access. I think when they do things like this, they just end up looking even worse to politicans and the public.
  15. Just thought you guys should know there is a NP vs PA post going on at a new NP forum I saw posted on reddit. Thought maybe someone would want to weigh in? I already made an account and posted. http://npforum.forumatic.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=35&p=103#p103
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